Aidan Bungay from Southborough, Kent, Aiden who had an asmtha attack causing him to die twice. See SWNS story SWDUST; The desperate parents of an eight-year-old boy had to perform life-saving CPR on their son twice – after he stopped breathing due to a freak cloud of DUST. Aidan Bungay nearly died just five days before Christmas when the killer cloud of red dust swept up from the Sahara Desert struck Britain – and caused his heart to stop. He had been playing football and watching television when he complained to mum Lynne, that he needed an inhaler. But within minutes, the youngster’s lips had turned blue – and as her husband Andrew, performed CPR she realised her son had stopped breathing. Lynne, from Southborough, Kent, said: “He was doing football tricks while I was running a bath and he came in and said, ‘Mummy, I can’t breathe’.

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