Young driver fuming after she went over small pothole at 25mph – that tore off her entire rear AXLE

Collect photo from Daisy Boxall.

A young driver is fuming after she hit a small pothole at just 25mph – that tore off her entire rear AXLE.

Daisy Boxall, 21, was driving in her Ford Fiesta with a friend when she rounded a corner and hit the hole on Tuesday evening – and lost her back wheels.

The seaside holiday park worker said she thought she had hit the hole at around ’25mph’ – but could not believe that it damaged her car so badly.

Collect photo from Daisy Boxall.

She said: “We ended up on the other side of the road facing the other way.

“I must have spun about four times.

“It happened quite fast to be honest – it is the scariest thing that’s happened to me.”

Daisy and friend Leah Graham, 20, were unharmed in the accident but the 2003 plate Fiesta has been written off.

The youngster, who has not been driving very long, reckons the hole in the tarmac is only about 18 inches long – and less than three inches deep.

Collect photo from Daisy Boxall.

She said: “Luckily enough when we were spinning around there was actually nothing coming.

“If there was it would have ended a lot worse than it did.”

The terrifying experience has now left Daisy unable to get to her work – holiday camp Church Farm in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, where she works in guest accommodation.

Daisy said: “It’s a complete write-of.

“I’m hoping the council own up to what they have done and compensate me for loss of earnings and stuff like that.”

The hole was cordoned off and filled at around 10pm on Tuesday, the council say.

Collect photo from Daisy Boxall.

Daisy said: “There are others about but this is probably the worst I have come across.

“They filled it but it’s not really a great job.”

According to a recent survey by the AA, drivers and insurers are losing a million pounds every month repairing damage to vehicles caused by potholes.

A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “We are concerned to hear of any accident.

“While we are unable to comment on individual incidents, we can confirm that the pothole in Felpham Way had already been identified for repair and this was carried out at around 10pm on Tuesday.”


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