You’ll never squawk alone – parrot sings ‘Come on Rooney’ during World Cup games


Meet England’s most patriotic pet – a PARROT who squawks ”Come on Rooney”, ”Come on England” and ”Goal!” during their World Cup games.

African grey Benji, 15, has a soft spot for star striker Wayne Rooney and shrieks at the TV whenever he runs onto the pitch.

Benji’s football-mad owners Stephen Borrill, 46, and wife Ruth, 47, have already decked out their house is full world cup regalia and said their patriotic pet is a huge England fan.

They have even planted red and white geraniums in the garden to match the St George Crosses festooning their home in Newborough, Cambs.

Dad-of-three Stephen, said Benji picked up most of his phrases from Ruth and loved shouting at players to spur them on.

He said: ”Excitement has been building in our house for some time now. We are all set for the world cup.

”Benji loves cheering on the football. He is a right chatterbox. He picks up most of his expressions from Ruth.”

Ruth spent a month teaching Benji the names of the England players for World Cup 2010 to stop him getting confused with the 2006 World Cup squad.

She said: ”We’re all huge Rooney supporters and now Benji is too. He’ll be watching the game on Friday and supporting the team along with us.

”We really need to do better this time than we did against the USA, so hopefully Benji’s chants will help bring the players luck.

”When he gets over-excited about the game he gets his catchphrases all muddled up, which is so funny.

”Nobody can believe it when they hear him shouting Rooney’s name, he’s his number one fan.”

African greys originate from West and Central Africa and have been kept as pets for over 4,000 years.

They can live for up to 50 years and make popular companions thanks to their keen intelligence and lively chat.


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