Yob caught posting threatening letter to a witness after leaving a PALM PRINT on the envelope


A yob who posted a threatening letter to a witness was literally caught red-handed – after he left a PALM PRINT on the envelope.

Jack Berry, 22, sent the anonymous warning to a woman who told police he hurled a stone through her window.

Berry wrote her a chilling letter saying if she didn’t drop the complaint he would blow her house up.

But the threat soon backfired when police experts found Berry’s palm print on the paper,
Plymouth Crown Court heard.

He pleaded guilty to intimidating a witness intending an investigation to be obstructed, perverted or interfered with between April 11 and 14 this year.

He was given one year in prison for witness intimidation and a further three weeks for an unrelated theft.

Judge Paul Darlow told Berry, of Plymouth: “This was a nasty, repeated threat to a woman who had the audacity to complain to police that someone had a stone thrown through their window.”


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