Yakult Reveals Britain Is A Nation Of Water Babies


yakultNew research commissioned by Yakult UK, to mark the launch of their exclusive campaign #SwimWithJazz, has found that Britons are literally a nation of water babies, with nearly half (48%) of those polled saying swimming is the sport they enjoy most, ahead of walking (38%) and cycling (26%).

Indeed, despite 85% of those polled, believing that swimming is the best exercise for your health, more than a third (40%) gave up swimming lessons when they were ten years old or younger, and over a quarter (27%) do not even go swimming once a year.

In response to this and in an effort to get Brits back in the water, Yakult UK and Double Olympic Silver Medallist Jazz Carlin have teamed up with Loughborough University to devise an algorithm to assess a group of attendees swimming capability and providing useful tips in order to determine their ‘swimming age’. This is based on a number of factors including; height, weight, when they stopped swimming lessons and the number of times a year they go swimming. Jazz also provided useful individual tips to the attendees at the event and also provides some tips on how to improve technique, overall ability in an attempt to get Britain back in the water.

The OnePoll survey, commissioned by Yakult UK, which polled 2,000 UK adults whom have had swimming lessons, found that the three of the most common reasons that are holding Brits back from the water are:

  1. Not having enough time
  2. Feeling self-conscious about appearance
  3. Lack of confidence in technique

Other reasons also included feeling intimidated by the ability of other swimmers (7%), not liking to get their hair wet (6%) and problems with breathing and stamina (5%).

However despite this, the ever-optimistic Brit is not prepared to be held back by these worries, with a fifth (21%) considering taking up swimming in the New Year, alongside other sports such as walking (25%) and cycling (17%).
Jazz Carlin, Olympic Silver Medallist said, “With the New Year around the corner and the nation’s focus turning to fitness, it’s great that swimming is being considered as a hobby. All of the worries highlighted around swimming are definitely things that can be addressed and with a few pointers, practice can help to improve that swimming age, we’ve all got to start somewhere!

Hiroaki Yoshimura, Deputy Managing Director for Yakult UK said, “Yakult has a long history of supporting swimming and so we’re delighted to be sponsoring Jazz Carlin and encouraging the nation to dive back into swimming. New Year is a excellent time to get in shape and try something new, and it’s great to be enabling Brits to try and improve their swimming technique.”

For more information please contact: Yasmin Khostovan, Karen Siriboe or Ruth Evans on Yakult@launchpr.co.uk or 0207 758 3900
Notes to editors
• Yakult was founded by the scientist Dr Shirota, who in the 1930s selected and cultivated the unique Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain of bacteria.
• Today, every bottle of Yakult contains at least 6.5 billion of these Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria.
• Yakult’s unique bacteria are scientifically proven to reach the gut alive.
• Every day, more than 35 million bottles of Yakult are consumed in 33 countries around the world.
• Yakult and Yakult Light are both gluten free, fat free and suitable for vegetarians.
• Yakult is also an official partner of the FINA World Championships and the FINA World
Swimming Championships (25m) organized by the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) since 2005


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