X Factor’s Cher Lloyd in pre-final breakdown over internet hate campaign


Cher Lloyd publicly broke down in tears when told about an internet hate campaign against her and admitted she does not expect to win the X factor final this weekend.

X Factor’s Cher Lloyd in pre-final breakdown over internet hate campaign

At a press conference ahead of Saturday’s final, the 17-year-old was asked how she felt about the online hate campaign and the fact ‘Hate Cher’ had become one of the most popular phrases on Twitter.

“I didn’t know there was a hate campaign,” she replied, before breaking down in tears.

Her mentor Cheryl Cole added: “We always tell them to avoid any bad stuff like that, they’ve got to get out there on the Saturday night and perform, so we’ve got to get their head in to a positive place.”

Cher Lloyd also admitted that she did not expect to win the final this weekend.

“Everyone knows I’m not going to win, so I might as well expect it,” she said. “I’m the rapper. It’s not normally people like me who get a chance on this show.”

Show boss Simon Cowell also confirmed the duets for Saturday’s final. Robbie Williams will be performing with boyband One Direction, Rhianna will duet with Matt Cardle, Will.I.Am will be joining Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson will be performing with Christina Aguilera.


  1. It’s obvious that this site is also supporting the hate campaign.
    Just watch the press conference videos on youtube and dont be fooled by articles like this
    which are not true. It’s just disgusted.

  2. We’re british and we dont like arrogance. She messed up and showed us what the promoters didn’t want us to see. lets have a wild card again and bring back the guy from Blackpool. Cher can go to USA and do the rap with Will I Am. Everyones happy. She’s still a baby though and doesn’t deserve the bullying, if they had let the public vote she would have gone and been spared this perhaps. Food for thought….

  3. Thank goodness she’s not performing with Eminem. He is like, my idol.
    But that said, she’s not bad, better than some of the crap that’s been on the X-Factor.
    She should ignore all the haters. It’s just cruel and out of order.

  4. Your British and you don’t like Gypsies cut the bullshit. Cher isn’t “arrogant” at least not more arrogant than any other performer. This little hate campaign started months ago with the girl who probably picked on her in school claiming Cher was a bully, as if we are supposed to believe that. So you don’t like her performances well thats fine cheer for someone else. Why is it that people feel a need to go to such lengths of hatred?

  5. By the way Lucas since when is not liking arrogance been a British thing. Ask anyone else in the world and they would say arrogance is one of Britain’s top exports and the fact is much of the world hates British arrogance and you only have to take a short ferry trip across the Irish Sea to find that out.


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