X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s Biffy Clyro cover sparks outrage amongst fans


X Factor’s Matt Cardle has released Many of Horror (renamed When We Collide) by rock band Biffy Clyro, to the anger of the Scottish trio’s fans.

X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s Biffy Clyro cover sparks outrage amongst fans

Within seconds of the song choice being revealed on Sunday a Facebook page was set up campaigning for the original version to be Christmas number one instead, and Twitter was awash with comments from fans angry at the ban for ‘selling out’.

However the band, who are predicted to rake in a six figure sum from royalties, have stated in the past that they disagree with rock purists who see the X Factor as a ‘threat to real music.’

Frontman Simon Neil told The Daily Record: “I don’t think The X Factor is a threat to ‘real’ music at all. It’s just entertainment. It’s just what The A-Team was in 1986. And Simon Cowell isn’t the devil, he’s just someone who wants to make s***loads of money, and fair play to him.”

Matt Cardle’s version of the song is currently at number one on the iTunes chart, while Biffy Clyro’s original is at number six.

The 27-year-old painter and decorator had been a favourite to win the X Factor since the live shows started and beat off tough competition from finalists One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd to emerge the winner.

He is one of the most popular contestants to ever appear on the show, having topped the poll every single week apart from the first, when he came second to Mary Byrne.

But the other finalists are unlikely to stay disappointed for long. The News of The World reported that Simon Cowell is offering £1 million recording contracts to each of the four acts.

Speaking after his protégés One Direction were voted off, Cowell said cryptically: “This is just the beginning for these boys.”

Matt is expected to rake in a massive £5 million over the next year from both record sales and commercial deals.


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