X Factor star Cher Lloyd ‘bullied’ me, claims teenage classmate


A teenage classmate of X Factor favourite Cher Lloyd today claimed she was bullied by the singer for TWO YEARS.

Ophelia Blakeway, 17, says she was tormented on an almost daily basis at Dyson Perrins High School, Worcs.

She claims the bullying – which allegedly took place between 2006 and 2008 – was so bad she self-harmed herself and needed counselling for depression.

And she accused Cher, a Romany gypsy, of lying about claims that she was bullied at school, saying she was in fact the ringleader of a terrifying gang of playground yobs.

Speaking from her home in Malvern, Worcs., which is less than a mile from Cher’s home, receptionist Ophelia, said: ”She made my life a misery for two years.

”I want people to hear the truth about what she was like.

”Everyone is making her sound like she’s an angel, but she caused me a lot of pain.

”Cher was never bullied at school.

”From what happened to me, I would never want to through it again.

”I’ve had problems since I’m still trying to get over the depression, she made things worse.

”When I started at Dysons she wanted to know everything about me, because she didn’t like me.

”I was a bit of a tom girl and she thought it was laughable and ridiculous. I didn’t look as doll-like as the rest of them.

”The bullying was every other day but on some days it would be a lot of times.

”It started out with name calling, petty names like bitch, tw*t, d**khead. Then it rapidly turned into much more, and very personal.”

Shockingly, Ophelia claims Cher’s taunts grew even more cruel when she found out her mother had abandoned her when she was a toddler.

Ophelia said: ”My mum left me when I was only three.

”It was always a weak point she would say ‘she’s abandoned you’ and ‘who would want to raise a girl like you’.

”She knew my weak points, she’d make remarks on how I didn’t have a mum and it was because I was a disappointment.

”It would be verbal torture, it would be in front of my friends and in front of hers.

”I couldn’t do anything. The worst thing I ever said to her was that I called her a bully in front of her friends.”

Ophelia, who is currently taking an accounting diploma at Malvern College, revealed the daily torment drove her to cutting herself.

She added: ”I suffered from depression, it got to me a lot.

”I went to my doctors everything, I used to cry and it would torture my dad, because he couldn’t do anything.

”He would go to the school every other week, they’d say they couldn’t do anything about it because there was no proof, no-one would say anything.

”Teachers, if they did see something, they would have a word and say make up with her, but it never worked.

”It made it worse, it made it look like was trying to get people to help me.

”I had counselling, I was self-harming, it’s not nice because you have the scars and you look back and think I shouldn’t have been at that age doing that.”

Ophelia recalled one confrontation where Cher allegedly grabbed her hair in an unprovoked attack in the school changing rooms.

She said: ”The worst time was in April, 2008, in Year Ten, when I was doing my GCSEs. I had some lessons with her, it was PE, RE, revision science some of my main ones that I struggled at.

”We were in PE in the changing rooms. She and all her mates were up for a fight, she’s been in a lot of fights. She never hit me, but she has gone to.

”They kept looking over and laughing. She had control over them, they were scared of her – a lot of people at Dysons were scared of her.

”She walked over to me and ripped at my hair, grabbed hold of it because I had a bun in it. I was so shocked.

”She really yanked it, she grabbed it so my head would go down, as if it was a warning to say she had power.

”I backed off a couple of steps and she was calling me a slag, a bitch, a waste of space.

”While she was doing this her friends were laughing and saying other stuff.

”She looked me up and down and did this thing with her eyes and gave this threatening stare.

”She told me if I ever looked at her or ever tell anyone she would hit me.

”I said ‘I don’t think you will’, but told her I wouldn’t be in her way anymore.

”After that I missed all the lessons I had with her, it got me behind at school. I had to really catch up when I got to my GCSEs.

”I had to stay away from her because I know she meant it, when I said to her ‘You won’t do it’ you could see in her face she would have hit me right then if there wasn’t people around.”

Ophelia also blasted Cher for trying to hoodwink the public into making them feel sorry for her.

She added: ”What they’re saying about being fragile is nonsense because she’s so confident.

”I know she’s skinny, but she’s working on the fact that she’s young.

”She knew Cheryl would have a soft spot for her.

”Cher’s stubborn, strong-minded, mouthy. The whole butter wouldn’t melt thing is ridiculous. It’s completely the opposite.

”She knows who she is, she knows what she can do and she knows how to influence people to get her own way. It’s what she’s done all her life.”

Earlier this week Cher sparked public outrage when she was put through to the live finals despite fluffing her final audition in front of Cheryl Cole.

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  1. how care cher lloyd is the best and i really whant her to live i will start to keep cher loyd safe so how ever you are stop talking about it and get a grip becouse that was two years ago so back of
    we love you cher xxx

  2. we all need to voit for cher lloyd because she is the best and she will win if cher will read this i really whant her to come and visit me in upton i live 15 weston grove upton cherter ch2 iqh

  3.  if this is true ( and I bielive) … man, Cher is a totatly fake, and a smoker :ss kkk cher is the stupid girl wich us wash in the movies… cher is a deception, a HUGE deception. Thank you Ophelia. And Cher, for heaven’s sake girl, you need to have some peace in your heart little fella

  4. Omg cher sounds like a total bitch. ..I feel so sorry for you xxx cher i think u should say sorry x coz thats well harsh. ..Especially bout tje mum stuff xx

  5. I think that cher lloyds career should end and she should be kicked out.She was a bullie thats not okay for her to torment people and get away with it!

  6. i love cher and im sure everyone of us has atleast done a couple of bullying… im not saying its a good thing but bro its the past she trying to forget about but this girl is tryna make her feel bad and all so yah !!! i love you cher lloyd!!

  7. u guys i dont think she did that. cher looks like the type that would be getting bullied. u guys are just haters. i think she is the best singer on the x factor. she is so gorgeous!

  8. Cher’s a gypsy. You can watch it on tv how anyone associated with the gypies gets picked on. I’m sorry if this really did happen but i don’t really believe it did. I truly think this girl was just doing it for attention.

  9. What is this article cher Lloyd is like the smallest girl ever how could she bully someone


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