X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd wants to record Romany gypsy song


X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd is a proud gypsy who wants to release a hit Romany record on her debut album, her dad revealed yesterday.

And proud dad Darren insisted his daughter was ”fine mentally” despite concerns over her fragile state.

Jobless Darren, in his 40s, said 17-year-old Cher – favourite to win X Factor – even wants to sing a traditional Gypsy song on her first album.

Speaking at the family home in Malvern, Worcs., he said: ”Cher is extremely proud of her family background.

”There are strong Romany roots on her mother’s side and Cher is keen to learn more about her heritage.

”She would love to sing a Romany gypsy song on her first album.”

Cher, who crumbled dramatically in her final audition in front of mentor Cheryl Cole, now has a 24-hour counsellor on hand to offer support.

But despite the teenager’s fragile mental state dad Darren said she was ”stronger than ever”.

He said: ”Cher was ill and couldn’t give it her all that’s why she couldn’t finish her audition.

”She’s absolutely fine mentally and can’t wait to perform in the live finals.

”She feels stronger than ever and is very excited to be in the finals and just wants to sing, we’re all behind her.”

Cher’s personal life has been rocked recently after shocking details of her family’s criminal past emerged.

Dad Darren, a jobless self-confessed alcoholic, once told cops he was Harry Potter and lived at The Philosopher’s Stone when they pulled him over for drink driving in 2003.

In 2001 one relative was jailed for six years for grievous bodily harm with intent and another admitted beating up a woman in the same attack.

Cher herself also found herself in hot water when she was suspended from The Chase School in Malvern after she battered a girl in the playground.

And last month Cher was left distraught after he beloved uncle Edward Smith, 34, died suddenly.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: ”You wouldn’t want to cross any of them, they take the gypsy rule of sticking together and protecting their own very seriously.”

Despite a poor performance from Cher on Sunday’s show, the youngster controversially was controversially put through ahead of Gamu Nhengu by Cheryl Cole.

However, it’s rumoured there will be four ‘wildcard’ entries at the final stages after show star Simon Cowell was photographed visiting X Factor rejects Diva Fever on Saturday afternoon.


    • ken your a racist pig. dirogotory remarks like that cause offence. did you not know that your surname is an irish traveller name. so your calling yourself a knacker

        • you pathatic twat grow the fuck up,’dont they teach you to spell in caravans’ u fucking idiot ALAN who the fuck are you anyway.wanker

      • Irish travellers and Romani are not the same thing. Irish travelers are simply Irish people who come from nomadic families, Romani (like Cher Lloyd’s mother) are from Indian.

        And O’Driscoll is not necessarily a traveler name anyway, many Irish have it. As someone descended from an often oppressed immigrant group, Ken should be more respectful of other minorities.

  1. You can’t judge someone just on their heritage, it’s the way you choose to live your live; not the way you’re born. Cher is a talented singer who deserves a second chance, she has a family who are willing to back her up and I hope she wins 🙂

  2. Gett uppp i think all the malts that are sayin cher is a skett needs o shut there mouth cause by far she is the best singer ive ever heard, and im glad she is keepin the needy in her cause ppl let it go 2 ther heads and NEEDYS ALL THE WAYY!!!! 🙂 xxxxx

  3. The reality of gypsy life is much less exotic and mysterious than some people think. The myth that romany families and gypsy travellers are persecuted just because of their wanderlust is nonsense. They don’t and have never contribted to the benefit of society becuase they are united by a belief that they are above the law and that society norms, like paying taxes and not trespassing, do not apply to them. They choose to live like this. They elect to create a divide between their clan and their civilised neighbours. If you opt out of society, don’t be surprised you’re looked down on.

    • hi jack ass being a racist is aganest the low and the word Traveller and Gispy should be spelled with a caplocks T&G and i am a traveller most setteld people are civilised but God help you and the upbringing you moust of had and i have been working for years i work as a child care worker and do pay taxes and Travellers and Gispy are the most turstwothy and kind harted people you will ever meet and as fare as getting applyed with a job how would espect Travellers or Gispy to get a gob with nirrow mindend people like you telling people not to apply us and yes we chouse to live like we do and i live in a house that i mortgaged so you see my bank tursted me enough to let me mortgaged so its gest norred mindend people like you that give us a bad name and i love going travelling in caravan in the summer and jest to let you no i in tend to have lots of kids and they will be brought up with pride off being a Taveller and good look cheryl lloyd hoop you win

      • You could’nt of said anything more true about us travelers! If only everyone was like you the world would be in a better place! Thank You!!!

  4. She is a very talented girl and i think she is brilliant!! and i hope she wins! Think people need to back off!! Cher all the way!!!!!!!!!

  5. Did anyone know these few facts, 1.Elvis Presley half a german Gypsy 2.Charlie chaplin Gypsy?
    I bet alot of people did’nt know these facts! Iam a true romany Traveler or Gypsy whatever you want to call us and VERY proud of it! There’s good & bad in everyone! All the same colour blood! I hope our Gypsy gal Cher do win the X-Factor!


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