Writing about Best Books to Replace Any Guide


Whether you are back home and in need of inspiration, curious about a destination, or just have a really long flight ahead of you, this article will help you find the travel read for your travel need.

The best friend of any traveler is, as you know, a guidebook. But the manuals with hundreds of plain facts will not immerse you in the local atmosphere, tell you about another mentality or discover the secrets of culture. This is what fiction for. Let’s start traveling the continents.


Where else in the world you can see a magical train route to Hogwarts, witness the most beautiful sunset and swim in two seas at the same time? Welcome to Europe! Here are some books to feel the taste of Turkish coffee, French croissants, and Italian pizza. In case you are not an Astrid Lindgren and do not have a talent to write stories about Carlson, buy essay cheap and get back to your favorite travel books.

Graham Robb “Parisians. An Adventure History of Paris”

The book is indeed an adventure telling a story of the city for the myriad stories of its inhabitants of the last 250 years. Stories overlap, surprising connections are made characters and themes reappear, sometimes quite unexpectedly, and a many-layered image of the city begins to emerge in time and space, from the depth of the catacombs to the top of the Eifel Tower.

Orhan Pamuk “Istanbul. Memories and the City”

The melancholic writing of Orhan Pamuk will show you Istanbul in a mysterious and beautiful light with prints of the former greatness of the times of the Ottoman Empire. Talking about his childhood and youth, the writer reveals Istanbul as a mystery, which is worth knowing and loving. A little tip, read this book with the map of Istanbul in your hands.

Pascal Mercier “Night Train to Lisbon”

Personal advice – do no watch the movie before you read the book. In your imagination, Lisbon will be like a million times more beautiful. What the book is about? The life of the protagonist of the novel – the Swiss language teacher – proceeded smoothly and measuredly, until he once met a mysterious stranger woman on the bridge, which turned out to be a Portuguese. Now all his thoughts were about this woman and … about Portugal. Unexpectedly, he is off to Lisbon, plunging into the delectable world of unfamiliar people. The novel is called one of the best philosophical works of Europe of the modern times.

Anthony Capell “The Food of Love”

Love, food, and Italy. It is not a complicated recipe for this book. American girl Laura comes to Rome and falls in love with Italian cuisine. She concludes that to fall in love with the Italian chef would be a better option. It would seem that everything is so good. But it turns out the chef is not a chef, and love is not a love.

Erlend Loe “Naïve. Super

Amusing and so naive book of Erlend Loe will help you to understand the stern and laconic people of Norway, whose ancestors were Vikings. It is a great story about a young man who is a dropout. He starts searching for the meaning of life by playing ball in his backyard. That sounds very familiar, does not it?

Maria Ernestam “Caipirinha with Death”

Tourists usually fly to Sweden for a relaxing holiday and cheap shopping. But this northern country has another face. In the narrow streets of the Old City, the higher power interferes in the life of a regular Swedish girl Erika. You are going to see a Stockholm you have never seen before, a Stockholm, where you can meet the devil in a historical museum and drink black coffee with the death in a cafe.


This area has a unique power of gravity attracts people from all over the world. Is it a luscious green velvet of Hawaii, a blue-eyed ocean or endless Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia? We do not know that, but we do know that you will not be able to resist this magnetic power as well!

Bill Bryson “Made in America”

The author tells us a funny, wise and compulsive story of how the Wild West was not won, how a dusty desert became a well-known Hollywood, where the terms “poker” and “blockbuster” come from. Before the Civil War, the states were all separate. People used to say “The United States are”. Was not until the war ended people started saying “The United States is”. So, what has changed?

Karin Muller “The Taste of the Coca Leaf”

This book clearly describes the original and amazing world of South America with its history, people and traditions. The main character is a positive, strong, purposeful woman whogoes all out and overcomes a lot of challenges for of her dream. This easy, interesting masterpiece of writing you are going to read in one breath.


Stefanie Zweig “Nowhere in Africa”

The family of the newly successful lawyer Walter Redlich is in Kenya without knowing the language, without sources of livelihood, without the hope of regaining the lost homeland … A dramatic novel full of unique African flavor and humor.


It is not a land of the rising sun, it is a continent of a rising hope. The five most practiced religions in the world have their origins in Asia. I bet the Asian people have a deal with God. Otherwise, how to explain that Japanese women at 75 look like they are in their thirties?

Aravind Adiga “The White Tiger”

The White Tiger is a beggar from an Indian village who travels to a city where he faces extraordinary and terrible adventures and where he is going to abruptly change his destiny. But this is not at all a typical Indian story about a slum dog millionaire, it is a revolutionary book that breaks down the stereotypes about India and shows its daily life.

Amy Tan “The Valley of Amazement”

This is an amazing mystery in the style of “daughter-mother” of 16 novels that put into the mouth of four Chinese mothers and their four daughters. And although they were born and grew up in America, the characteristics of Chinese culture, world perception, and attitude are still dominant here.

Enjoy your read, enjoy your travel!


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