Would yew be-leaf it? Britain’s grumpiest tree has been spotted growing in a London park

(Tony Kershaw / SWNS.com)

Britain’s grumpiest TREE has been spotted growing in a London park – complete with an angry ‘FACE’.

(Tony Kershaw / SWNS.com)
(Tony Kershaw / SWNS.com)

The ‘miserable beech’ has knots in the trunk that look like two eyes – complete with pupils, a nose and a ‘scowling’ grin-shaped mouth.

The grumpy tree, thought to be a copper beech, resides in Blackheath park in Greenwich, south east London.

Landscape manager Matt Higham said: “Knots on trees are a standard occurrence, but this trunk really does look like a miserable face.”

Mature copper beech trees can grow to a height of more than 130ft, and are known for their normally smooth trunks.

Copper beeches appeared as natural mutants of the common beech in various parts of Europe, as early as the 15th century.

According to Celtic mythology, Fagus was the god of beech trees and granted their leaves medicinal properties.

Boiling their leaves were used to make a poultice, but leaves from this miserable beech would surely be quite bitter.

(Tony Kershaw / SWNS.com)
(Tony Kershaw / SWNS.com)


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