World’s strangest jewellery hits the shelves


Jewellery lovers bored with their earrings and necklaces should check out these bizarre new ways to add a little ‘extra’ to their Christmas party outfits.

Terrifying Beauty is a collection of face-distorting headpieces by Turkish designer Burcu Buyukunal. She aims to challenge our perceptions of beauty and ugliness, in particular the western obsession with plastic surgery.

Burcu says: “My work is driven by conventions and societal norms relating to the body.

“Terrifying Beauty focuses on the trends of cosmetic surgery to question conventions of beauty and challenge the function of jewellery as adornment.

“I hope people will immediately ask if they would or would not wear such pieces.”

We would be tempted to go for the ‘would not’ option, but in these Lady-Gaga-Raw-Meat-Dress times who knows what might end up catching on?



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