Collect photo of the Latham sisters pictured as children. In the top row is Doris, Amy and Freda with Gladys and Phyllis in the bottom row. See SWNS story SWSISTERS: Four British siblings have been hailed as the world’s oldest SISTERS with a combined age of nearly 400 – and say their secret is a ‘Good Life’ diet and no foreign food. Twins Freda and Doris Latham have just celebrated their 101st birthday alongside Gladys Camp, 96, and Phyllis Friend, 93. Between them they have lived through nineteen Prime Ministers, five monarchs and survived two World Wars. Their 391 years beats the previous record of the world’s oldest set of sisters who had a combined aged of 386. And the four siblings from Devon put their long and record breaking life down to a healthy British diet – and avoiding spicy food.

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