World’s most spectacular toilet views revealed


A potty author has scoured the globe to log a guide of the most spectacular views – from the TOILET.

World's most spectacular toilet views revealed

Luke Barclay, 33, compiled a comprehensive list of loos with a view – chronicling the best places to spend a penny or two.

He travelled to some of the remotest locations in the world to record the restrooms in the most stunning surroundings for his novel ‘Good Loo Hunting’.

World's most spectacular toilet views revealed

Top lavatory locations in the book include the plains of Africa, Mount Sinai, in Egypt and even Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia.

The stocking-filler is Luke’s second attempt at flushing out the bog-standard – after tipsters leaked him an exclusive list of spectacular places to sit on the throne.

Luke said: ”The first book was mainly me visiting places where there were toilets with great views.

World's most spectacular toilet views revealed

”But since then, people have been tipping me off about other places, all over the world.

”It was quite surprising, I’d get a steady trickle of emails from people, some of them MI5-style anonymous tip offs.

”The toilet can’t just be in a great location, you actually have to have a window so that you can see the view while doing your business, as it were.

”There are a couple that I’ve let sneak in that don’t completely conform to that.

”For instance, there’s a toilet with a great view of Mount Sinai, which you can just about see through the bamboo walls.”

The ‘obsessed’ researcher – who bills himself as ”chief loo hunter” – picked up the trail of the world’s best toilets after writing ‘Loos With Views’ two years ago.

World's most spectacular toilet views revealed

Armed with fresh information, he travelled around the world to exotic locations in hot pursuit of the perfect privvy.

He captured loos around Europe, South America and even spotted elephants crossing the Zambezi River in Africa from one loo.

Other spectacular snaps include loos on snow-topped mountains and sun-drenched national parks.

But two of Luke’s most treasured toilets are in Canterbury Cathedral and one in his home village of Priston, near Bath, Somerset.

The convenience commands a lovely view of the village’s famous church steeple, with its enormous weather cockerel perched on top.

Another that caught the eye was the male-only urinal in the Marisco Tavern on Lundy Island.

World's most spectacular toilet views revealed

But the loo hunting is certainly giving Mr Barclay a reputation – as the author reveals he was turfed out of a toilet in Turkey.

Luke added: ”I joked in the first book that after going into so many toilets with a camera, it was a wonder I wasn’t in prison by now.

”I’ve only had difficulty once, in Istanbul, where there’s a toilet with a great view across the Bosphorus.

”I was in there so long waiting for the right light for the perfect picture, that the cleaning lady threw me out in the end.”

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