You won’t miss a thing! World’s largest TV designed by Porsche is 16 feet wide

The 201-inch behemoth was designed by supercar company Porsche

A technology firm has unveiled the world’s largest television – boasting a screen designed by Porsche which is 16 feet wide.

The C SEED ‘201’ is an engineering masterpiece that is so large is has to be installed outside.

When switched off it is hidden away but at the touch of a button seven folding panels rise for the ground and unveil the 201-inch wide screen.

The 201-inch behemoth was designed by supercar company Porsche

It is made up of more than 725,000 LEDs which display 4.4 trillion colours and uses biometric fingerprint sensors to prevent unauthorised use.

The set, which takes just 40 seconds to unfold entirely, was designed by the Porsche Design Studio, a subsidiary of thecar giant.

The giant TV is surprisingly portable – here it is shown on the deck of a mega-yacht

But the most dazzling feature isn’t the crystal- clear screen but its £414,000 price-tag – making it four times as much as a typical Porsche 911 sports car.

C SEED spent four years working on the television and have described the product as a “masterpiece of technological sculpture”.

When not in use, the television folds away and looks like a chic monolith

The firm, which handcrafts the televisions in Austria, is hoping to sell around 25 sets a year.

Alexander Swatek, from C SEED owner Global Bright Group, said: “C SEED is a new brand that came about by pooling years of professional experience.

“It has a unique heritage because it draws on the best minds in their fields.”

The screen unfolds in only 40 seconds

The biggest telly on sale in Britain is the LG Ultra HDTV, which boasts an 84 inch screen and went on sale for £22,499.99 shortly before Christmas.

While not a Porsche product, the C SEED 201 is one of many imaginative products which have been developed by the car maker’s design company.

The Porsche Design Studio was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1972 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The giant TV would liven up any outdoor activity

Over the next 40 years it has played a key role in building and designing everything from exclusive kitchens to mobile phones.

Porsche Design Studio, which is now located in Austria, also designs products for firms such as C SEED who then manufacture products without the famous Porsche branding.

The C SEED 201 uses previously never-seen-before technology including the foldable 201 inch LED screen, underground storability and built-in fingerprint accessibility.

Alexander Swatek, CEO at C SEED Entertainment Systems, came up with the idea for the giant TV after being inspired by the phenomenon of public screenings.

He added: “One of the criteria which had to be fulfilled in the joint development of C SEED 201 between Porsche Design Studio and C SEED Entertainment Systems, was that the TV had to appear and disappear by a simple remote control command.

“The reason for a system being fully ground-retractable is that we believe nobody really wants a big, black screen in their garden or pool area when the system is not in use.”


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