World’s fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari themepark unveiled


The world’s fastest rollercoaster in which thrill seekers thunder down at an eye-watering 150mph has been unveiled.

Formula Rossa rockets its helpless occupants from 0 to 100mph in just two seconds before blasting them up to 170ft high and experiencing a staggering 1.7Gs.

The 90 second ride opens in October at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in the mega-rich Gulf state of the United Arab Emirates.

Riders wait in a temperature controlled boarding zone before putting on specially made protective eyewear to protect them from the incredible windforce.

The F1 inspired coaster is shot out of a launch area using 20,800 horsepower and propelled to 170ft in under five seconds before hurtling along the 2.07km track.

Park bosses have unveiled the first pictures of the attraction at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Ferrari World Park Manager Andy Keeling said: ”Formula Rossa will be the fastest roller coaster in the world.

”The roller coaster train, which is designed to look and feel like the cockpit of a Ferrari Formula, will accelerate from 0 to 100 in two seconds.

”It has been designed to imitate the G-forces which Ferrari drivers would experience as they race around the track.”

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will feature 20 rides and attractions – including a GT Rollercoaster, which features two replica Ferrari F430 Spiders racing each other on parallel tracks.

The 1km ride will feature ‘launch sections’ to simulate racing starts and the cars will overtake each other to determine a winner at the end.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is enclosed under a stunning 21-acre domed red steel roof which was modelled on the double curve shape of the Ferrari GT.

It is adorned with the world’s biggest-ever Ferrari logo at 65m long.

The theme park will be the centrepiece of Yas Island, a 6,000 acre leisure park island which is currently under construction.

Formula Rossa is faster than the world’s previous quickest rollercoaster – the 130mph Ring Racer in Nuremberg, Germany.


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