World Cup fan puts up country’s largest St George’s flag on his pub


A landlord with huge hopes for England in the World Cup has attached the country’s largest St George’s flag to his pub. Keen football fan Darren Luxton, 38, is displaying the 50ft (15.2m) by 25ft (7.62m) nylon flag on the roof of The Windmill Pub in Plymouth, Devon. Only two flags of that size have been made and the second is currently being flown to the World Cup in South Africa.
Darren, who would not disclose how much the flag cost when he bought it on eBay, revealed that he has high hopes for the England team. He said: ”I am extremely patriotic and love the World Cup. I’m going big on the World Cup this year and really getting into the spirit. The pub is completely decorated inside and out with the flag as the main focal point. There’s been a constant stream of people pulling up and taking photos. It’s the talking point of the town.”
The flag, which took a scaffolding company two hours to put up will be flown throughout the tournament.
Darren said: ”We should celebrate our team. This is our country and I don’t see why I shouldn’t fly the England flag. England are going to win the World Cup.”


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