Working with Regal Agency is more than Just a Job


regalFor a girl like me with a creative mind and a curious heart, I am really happy to have found a place where I can grow and most importantly thrive.

I am Deynah Briscoe, I was born and raised in North London and after university I wanted to find a place to work that would challenge me mentally, enable me to travel and think outside the box.

The last thing I wanted was a boring 9 – 5 desk job. Luckily I found my home at REGAL AGENCY, an International Promotional Modeling Agency; we also provide events staff in London.

REGAL AGENCY is a wonderful international event staffing and promotional modeling agency.

It started from humble beginnings and over the last few years has grown to become market leaders in its industry working with major recognizable international brands and VIP clients around the world.

The very essence of what we do is to help our clients put on a good show and enable them to connect with their target audience.

We do this simply by providing them with talented, experienced and attractive personnel.

While I was at university I worked on the promotional and Events teams in London with REGAL and a number of other smaller companies on a part time basis.

I strongly encourage university and college students to get into this if they can because it really helped to expand my horizons.

I worked as a hostess at RED Carpet VIP and celebrity events and as a brand ambassador at many international exhibitions with companies like Lancôme and Red Bull.

This gave me the chance to really thrive.

Deynah Briscoe
Deynah Briscoe

I always worked hard at work both in University and on the team of events staff in London on the hospitality and promotional modeling teams.

I think this was down to my passion and desire. If I was not passionate I don’t think I would have made it through.

When I finished university I knew it was time to take my career to the next level in this industry.

So I knocked on a few doors and found my way into REGAL AGENCY.

At the time of writing I have been here for 9 months and now I am the Talent and Bookings Manager managing a small in-house team as well as overseeing the bookings for all the staff on our books across the UK.

In my role, I am able to use my creativity and come up with ideas, concepts and promotional activations on new projects all the time.

No matter how crazy my ideas are they are given consideration. I also get to travel around Europe (sometimes even further!), which is always nice.

My advice to young people is to find what you love and do your best at it because it is not really work if you enjoy doing it.


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