Working alongside studies is vital to future career prospects, say recruiters

The number of young people working in part-time jobs alongside their studies has halves since 1996
The number of young people working in part-time jobs alongside their studies has halves since 1996

Fears were raised for young peoples’ job prospects when last month it was reported by the BBC that the number of 16 – 17 year olds working whilst studying has almost halved since 1996.

It’s a shocking statistic, which has left many people concerned for the future of the Generation Y, as the benefits that come with working is a foot in the door for any future career.

With so much competition in the jobs market it can be an overwhelming prospect to gain employment and study at the same time.

The number of young people working in part-time jobs alongside their studies has halves since 1996
The number of young people working in part-time jobs alongside their studies has halves since 1996

But showing that you’re both able to learn and work together is a skill that businesses will be impressed with, and many are eager to hire employees who have demonstrated such skills.

Admittedly there is more pressure than before on grades, but employment can bring about so many benefits to you. From experience of the working world and gaining responsibilities in your role, to enabling you to have your own money to gain freedom.

The UK is currently under a huge economic boost with an estimated 687,000 vacancies reported by Hales Group Recruitment since last year alone. There are a number of industries which are now opening their doors to young people, giving them a step onto a career ladder which can see them gain relevant experience to a future role.


Whether you love graphic design, social media or writing, the digital sector is currently the fastest growing arena in the UK, with a recent estimate that it will need 1.2 million new employees by 2022.

With minimum qualifications currently available in schools and colleges, this is an industry full of motived self-learners, who’ve had drive to work in fast paced industry that can bring about exciting changes within society.

You only have to look at the influential entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and bloggers like Zoella, to see the popularity of working in the digital industry is stemming from Generation Y themselves.

You don’t need any specific qualifications in this area if you’ve got your head in all things digital.

Embrace your social media profiles, start a blog and you’ll soon be getting an internship at some of the most prestigious digital agencies in the UK.


Becoming a nurse or doctor is something that feels unobtainable without many years at university, but this is soon not going to be the case.

NHS Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have confirmed that they will be offering apprenticeships to 16-24 year olds, to enable them to get a head start in the health sector, without the initial years spent studying.

This ‘on-the-job’ experience is hoped that it will not only give you a taste of the health career but set you in good stead for attaining a health sector job role once your apprenticeship is complete.

It may not yet be available across the UK, but this is a positive change in the way that we see the combined importance of both work and learning.

Even if you can’t get onto this apprenticeship scheme there are a number of part-time health care roles available in the UK that provide the opportunity for you to study for NVQ’s whilst working.

The options that work and studying can provide is going to put you head and shoulders above other candidates, and it just goes to show that you don’t have to have one or the other, you can have both!


It may not seem like the most glamorous industry to get your teeth stuck into, but the manufacturing industry within the UK has started to provide some of the most exciting projects that you could make an impact on.

Toy manufacturing has had a boost since the strict health and safety laws have come into place reducing the imports from toy giants such as China and the USA, and manufacturing companies are calling out for creatives to both design and make the toys for a new generation.

Offering a number of apprenticeships and job security, this is an option that is seeing a turn in the way that manufacturing is thought of in our modern world.

With so many industries now calling out for young people to work and learn on the job, it’s a chance that you just cannot miss out on.



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