Women would rather do housework than watch the World Cup


Four in ten women would rather carry out back-breaking household chores than watch the World Cup.

Many would rather hang the washing out, clean the kitchen and hoover the house than join their partner and watch the football extravaganza.

Cutting the grass, emptying the bins and changing bed sheets also made a list of preferred household tasks in a survey of 4,000 housewives.

It also emerged one in five women haven’t watched any World Cup games and one in six  head out the front door as soon as their partner tunes in to a match.

Louise Perry, from plughole cleaning brand Buster, said: ”It’s amazing how many jobs you can get done around the house whilst your other half is watching the game.

”Some people will go to any lengths to avoid it, even cleaning their sinks and loos.

”The whole nation is talking about the World Cup and getting caught up in the excitement.

”But many women are not big football fans at the best of times so squeezing in so many games in such a short period of time will test even the most patient wives and girlfriends.

”So you can understand why so many are making up all sorts of reasons to avoid being plumped in front of the TV and having to endure the footy.

”It shows their level of desperation when they’ll even resort to cleaning the kitchen, sinks, hoovering and cutting the grass.”

The survey found two thirds of women would opt to hang the washing out rather than endure 90 minutes of World Cup action.

Another 59 per cent would happily do the dishes, followed by cleaning the kitchen (58 per cent), hoovering (56 per cent) and scrubbing the bathroom and toilets (55 per cent).

A desperate third would even cut the grass.

It emerged a quarter of exasperated women will make up excuses to steer clear of any footy.

Nearly half (45 per cent) will end up splashing their cash clothes shopping, while 39 per cent will meet up with girlfriends for coffee.

Another quarter will either head out for the night down the pub or entertain their kids.

But an understanding three quarters will give their partner permission to watch the football.

One in ten women said a lack of attention from their hubby or boyfriend will put a strain on their relationship.

Six in ten admit they’ll argue with their partner more – at least four times during the tournament – while one in six said they may even split up.

A cheeky one in five will get their partner to do the washing up, empty the bins or cut the grass to get back into their good books.

Three in ten have resigned themselves to the fact they won’t have a life for the remainder of the tournament.


1. Hang the washing out
2. Do the washing up
3. Clean the kitchen
4. Change the bed sheets
5. Hoover the house
6. Clean the bathroom and toilets
7. Do the ironing
8. Mop the kitchen floor
9. Empty the bins
10. Cut the Grass


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