Women Set To Dominate Horse Racing, Over The Next 10 Years


RacebetRacing is known as the sport of kings, but who are the future queens of the turf?

Women have been making massive strides, in an industry that had been very-much an old boys’ club for centuries. Some of the top jockeys, trainers, owners, breeders, racecourse executives and media stars are now female and many are becoming household names.

To celebrate the fantastic work, now being done by women in racing, we’ve put together a list of the 20 we expect to dominate the sport over the next decade – along with many more ambitious and successful ladies that all racing fans should get to know!

In a sporting capacity, horse racing is unique in that it enables women to compete with men on completely level terms. No weight allowance is afforded to women riders. No quarter is asked or given, yet the likes of Cathy Gannon and Katie Walsh are regularly riding winners.

With a super-talented group of female apprentices now rising through the ranks, such as Sammy Jo Bell, Shelley Birkett and Josephine Gordon, the future looks very bright indeed. There can be little doubt that the exploits of Britain’s top horsewomen are inspiring females in all parts of the racing industry. There is no area of the sport where women aren’t thriving, right now.

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