Women filmed hitting her baby bump with a CLAW HAMMER flees home after furious public backlash


A mum who caused outrage when she was caught on camera bashing her baby bump with a CLAW HAMMER has fled her home for her own safety after facing a public backlash, pals revealed today.

Heather Thorpe, 24, became a national hate figure after shocking footage of her hitting her swollen stomach emerged last week.

The shameless mum-of-one – who was eight months pregnant at the time –  bashed herself with the steel implement to show how ‘hard’ her unborn son was.

Shamed mother Heather Thorpe hits her baby bump with a claw hammer while she was pregnant
Shamed mother Heather Thorpe hits her baby bump with a claw hammer while she was pregnant

But since the video came to light friends say Heather has gone into hiding after she was widely condemned by incensed members of the public.

They revealed she has not been seen at her family home in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, which she shares with dad Mark, 53, and mum Marrion, 49, since Saturday morning.

Yesterday locals said Heather could not bear to face anger from people in her neighbourhood who had seen the clip and that she feared for her own safety.

One resident, who would only give his name as Mr Singh, said: “She has gone into hiding – and I don’t blame her.

“I know people who are after her, she needs to move away because if anybody sees her out and about then God knows what they will do to her.”

Heather with the baby Johnathan at six weeks old
Heather with the baby Johnathan at six weeks old

Another local added: “She’s running scared after that video got out. There were rumours about it going round for months but no-one had actually seen it.

“Now the cat is out of the bag people are really angry – they just don’t understand how a pregnant woman could do that to herself.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if Heather had moved away, she’s well-known in the area.

“She wouldn’t get to the end of the road without getting a mouthful of abuse now, a lot of people are wondering why she’s been allowed to keep her son in light of the video.”

Just days before the footage came to light Heather boasted her one-year-old son Jonathon, was a ‘super baby’ because of his amazing birth after a FIVE minute labour.

Heather says since then he has been quick at everything – walking, talking and reading before other tots his age.

She posed for her local paper wearing a Superman get-ups with her little boy – who turned one on Friday.

But her former partner Sean Hanlon revealed the disturbing footage showing Heather banging her bump just weeks before her delivery date in the living room of his home in Lea Village, Birmingham.

The clip has since caused global outrage after being shared by thousands furious web users on social networking sites.

Sean, 26, who shot the video on his mobile, showed the shocking images to police but no charges were brought against Heather.

The security guard ,said: “I was completely shocked – Heather didn’t seem to care and neither did the police.

“If there was a film of someone hitting a baby with a hammer they would be in handcuffs in ten seconds flat.

“I asked her what the hell she was doing but she just told me to stop over-reacting.

“I’m not surprised she has gone into hiding – people aren’t happy about it and that’s why I wanted people to see what she was really like.

“There’s people who can’t have children and she’s doing this – no wonder people are angry.”

It is understood Jonathon’s well-being is closely monitored by social workers after police made them aware of the disturbing video.

A social worker quoted in a police report into the incident said the hammer blows were a ‘5 or 6’ out of 10 in terms of force.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “A report was received in December 2012 from a member of the public regarding footage of a pregnant woman self-harming.

“A thorough investigation was undertaken by police and no criminal offences were found.

“The matter was referred to local adult and child services.”


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