Papiloon-cross Lilly-Rose and her owner Jenny Deakin at Jenny’s home in Brentford, West London. A woman was saved from almost certain death by her dog who jumped on her chest and stopped her choking on a BISCUIT. See swns story SWCHOKE. Jenny Deakin stopped breathing and her lips turned blue when she took a bite of a tasty Rich Tea biscuit and it got lodged in her throat. But her quick-thinking dog Lily-Rose leapt into action and jumped up and down on the 30-year-old’s chest and stomach until the deadly crumbs were dislodged. Jenny was watching television late one night with her little dog Lily-Rose when she had a brush with death – before the plucky little pooch performed a Heimlich-like manoeuvre. She said: “The food got lodged in my throat – I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t make myself cough again to dislodge it. “I was so scared and terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get any help in time – and I can remember thinking that I needed to get to the phone.” Now Jenny, who works at a library near her home in Chiswick, west London, says she owes her life to little Lily, a Spaniel-type Papillon-cross. The terrified dog lover said she can’t remember standing up, but somehow ended up collapsing onto the floor where she rolled on to her back. She started losing consciousness – and then super-dog Lily came to the rescue just in time.

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