Collect photograph of Bryony Bateman with husband Neal on their wedding day. See SWNS story SWTHYROID: A woman who went to the doctor after she piled on six stone in four months was told to ditch the junk food – when she actually had CANCER. Bryony Bateman, 27, had always been a healthy ten stone but she was astonished when she rapidly gained weight – and ballooned to a size 18. The obese healthcare assistant also started feeling lethargic, so visited her GP who told her that her diet was to blame, and advised she eat less junk and do exercise. Determined Bryony joined a slimming club, obsessively counted calories and avoiding carbs but couldn’t shift a single pound. After three months of dieting she noticed a banana-shaped lump on the side of her neck, and medics diagnosed a cancerous tumour pressing on her thyroid.

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