Woman ‘raped while breastfeeding newborn baby’


A mother was subjected to a harrowing rape while she was breastfeeding her newborn baby at home, a court heard.

Woman raped while breastfeeding newborn baby

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was looking after her baby girl when Royden Jones, 34, arrived at her home.

He then allegedly pestered the woman for sex before forcing himself on her while she breast fed her child.

Angela Rafferty, prosecuting, told a jury at Cambridge Crown Court that the woman hoped the baby’s presence would ”stop the situation developing”.

She said: ”Mr Jones went into her home that day and despite clear communication she did not want to have sex, despite clearly bringing the baby into the room and feeding the baby in an effort to stop him, he went on and had sex with her.

”Mr Jones started again to force her into having sex with him while she was breastfeeding.”

Royden, from Cambridge, pleaded not guilty to raping the woman at her home on May 24 last year.

The jury heard how Jones told the mother to feed her baby and bring it into the room but then removed her shorts, put on a condom, and raped her.

He denies the charge and told police he was under the impression the sex was consensual.

The case continues.


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