Clare Jones from Clayton, Staffordshire, who went into hospital for a Hysterectomy operation but awoke to find she had lost 2 teeth during the operation. A hospital patient says she has been left unable to smile after she came round from a hysterectomy operation – to find surgeons had also removed her TEETH. See NTI story NTITEETH. Furious Clare Jones, 47, was shocked to find she had a gaping hole in her mouth and bleeding gums after undergoing routine keyhole surgery on July 15. The mum-of-two signed a declaration confirming she had one denture, which was taken out before she went under the knife at Royal Stoke University Hospital. But she was left stunned when she came around and realised another two front teeth had been removed while she was in theatre. Medics at the hospital could not explain what had happened and she has now been told an investigation to uncover the truth could take two months. Clare, who lives partner Nigel Morris, 47, in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., has now launched a formal complaint.

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