Woman Kisses Canvas While Wearing Bright Lipstick To Create A Series Of Captivating Celebrity Portraits


These captivating images show the work of an artist who has mastered the quirky technique of KISSING her art to create and colour images.

The pictures are created by Alexis Fraser, 33, who uses lipstick to create colourful artworks, which can take up to two weeks to create.

Alexis Fraser who creates art by kissing the canvas while wearing bright lipsticks.

Alexis, also known as ‘Lipstick Lex’, said: “I have created many portraits of Marilyn Monroe. In fact, she was the seed that started my journey as a lipstick artist!

“I used to specialize in realism oil portraiture, however, back in 2011 I was challenged to create her portrait using a non-traditional technique that would correlate with her.

“After a lot of brainstorming, the idea of lipstick and kiss prints was born! Lipsticks come in just about every shade imaginable!”

Diana Ross portrait by Alexis Fraser who created it by kissing the canvas while wearing bright lipsticks.
Artwork by Alexis Fraser who created it by kissing the canvas while wearing bright lipsticks.

The pictures are made up of thousands of imprints of Alexis’ lips, which she presses onto canvases after coating them in bright coloured lipstick.

Alexis said: “I have been commissioned to create Marilyn utilizing my lipstick technique numerous times, however, this particular piece continues to rank as my fave.

“All of my pieces are fixated to frames that are built by my husband and I. All details are accounted for!

“I am a mother of my 4 year old daughter, Rue, and my little guy right here, Lonnie.

“While Rue goes to school while I work, Lonnie hangs with me daily in the studio while I create art and do business.

“Even though my husband works in IT, he helps me with my art by dealing with the business side of things and putting things online.”

Alexis lives in Sarasota, Florida, with husband Josh, 33 and her little boy and girl.


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