Katie Milner, 22, after weight loss. See NTI story NTIPIGGY. A super slimming primary school teacher shed a whopping five stone – after being tormented about looking like MISS PIGGY. Pretty Katie Milner, 22, tipped the scales at 15 stone 3lbs after years of gorging on takeaway food, chocolate and up to five bags of crisps a day at university. She was so chubby it took her 10 minutes to put her own shoes on and caused her to suffer from ankle and chest pains as well as developing asthma. But 5ft 3ins tall Katie decided to lose the weight after being called fat by cruel bullies who also branded her “Miss Piggy”. Over the last three years, Katie has managed to shed five stone to weight a svelte 10 stone 3lbs. She has also gone from a lardy size 20 to a trim size 10.

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