Woman beat men to be most organised in the workplace


Women are more organised than men in the workplace, a study revealed yesterday.

Researchers have found that females are the best at keeping to deadlines and turning up on time for work.

But men struggle to keep on top of things and often forget to phone people back and lose documents on their messy desks.

The DYMO Organisation Wars Report also revealed that more than one in ten guys have even been warned by their boss about their lack of organisation skills.

And more than one in twenty men have missed out on a promotion because their bosses felt they were so unorganised.

LordSir Alan Sugar’s new sidekick on The Apprentice, Karren Brady, who is spearheading labelling solutions provider DYMO’s® ‘Practically Genius’ campaign said: “Good organisation can really help your performance at work.

”Your boss is also likely to notice whether or not you are well organised, so if you fail to live up to their standards, you could find yourself missing out on a promotion in the future.

”Being organised and looking professional have always helped me to stand out from the crowd.

”It’s often hard to stay on top of everything, especially if you have a lot of projects on the go and a family to think about.

”Luckily I’m supported by my ultra-organised and practical agent Gordon Poole, who’s the exception to the rule that men are less organised than women, and works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure nothing slips through the net”.

”DYMO® labelling machines can help anyone feel more organised and professional – they are practically your new assistant.”

The study of 4,000 workers revealed that 43 per cent of women claim to be very organised in the workplace, but just 32 per cent of men say the same.

And one in ten men admits they have absolutely no structure to their work life whatsoever.

Researchers found that more than half of women employers have an organised filing system, but just 37 per cent of men adopt the same approach.

Instead, blokes are more likely to keep their paperwork in a large pile, which they search through when they have to find something.

And 40 per cent of women reckon their desk is spotless but just 30 per cent of men can say the same.

This has led to 17 per cent of guys losing an important document thanks to their chaos of their workstation, but just 11 per cent of women have suffered the same fate.

Forty-four per cent of men miss at least one deadline a month, while 41 per cent have been late for work within the past month.

But less than a third of women have not made a deadline and just 39 per cent have overslept.

Researchers also found that 54 per cent of men admitted to not returning phone calls, compared to just 48 per cent of women.

And while 62 per cent of women keep themselves organised with a diary or to-do list, 45 per cent of blokes rely on their memory.


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