Woman, 23, earns £3.50 a MINUTE talking dirty to men on her WEBCAM

Webcam model Amy Stockham who earns £43,000 a year posing on a webcam
Webcam model Amy Stockham who earns £43,000 a year posing on a webcam

A woman earns a staggering £43,000 a year simply talking to blokes via her webcam – and even convinced her BOYFRIEND and MUM to earn cash chatting up men.

Pretty Amy Stockham, 23, was sick of her low-paid supermarket job when she found a website where she could earn £3.50 a minute chatting to men with weird fetishes.

Now the brunette works the webcam for five hours a day – but admits she spends most her time simply chatting and even watching TV with her punters.

Webcam model Amy Stockham who earns £43,000 a year posing on a webcam
Webcam model Amy Stockham who earns £43,000 a year posing on a webcam

Her odd line of work has helped pay for a house deposit, a car, a 34DD boob job and all-expenses paid holidays for her entire family.

Her partner Lee Ambrose, 29, even tried web cam modelling in drag, but despite earning £1,200 in just three weeks he ‘couldn’t cope’ and went back to delivery driving.

But he fully supports his girlfriend’s X-rated line of work – and unbeknown to her clients is usually in the background of her webcam playing Fifa while she works.

Amy from Rochester, Kent, said: “It’s just sitting on my computer, chatting to guys and getting paid per minute to do it.

“I do show a bit of bum and boobs, but 90 per cent of it is just talking.

Webcam model Amy with her partner Lee Ambrose
Webcam model Amy with her partner Lee Ambrose

“I’ve seen it all.  I get a lot of guys coming in wanting me to humiliate them and take the mick out of their size.

“A lot of the time I’m sat there in my tracksuit bottoms and a push up bra, just watching these guys.

“I have one guy, a midget, who comes on, and likes me to watch him iron, and then he does a little dance.

“I’ve had guys in a private message for three of four hours before just getting drunk, and another guy who was just watching Come Dine With Me – I love those ones.

“It’s just acting.  It’s not stuff I’m into, I just tell them what they want to hear.

“I enjoy my work and I’m open about it.

“We’ve been able to save up £18,000 to buy a house next year, we’ve got a nice private rent on a three-bed house, we’ve bought cars and I’ve had my boobs done.”

Amy had worked in the bakery at Morrisons for eight months when she came across Adultworld.com five years ago during a search for better paid work.

After talking it over with delivery driver Lee, she started web cam modelling and now works between 3pm and 5pm, and also 11pm until 2am five days a week.

She charges £2.50 a minute for group chats and £3.50 for private correspondence, and also rakes in cash from ‘pay pigs’ who get off on simply sending her money.

The savvy model also has an Amazon wishlist where punters pay for around £600 a month worth of sex toys, champagne, perfume and make up sent to her home.

Even her 52-year-old mum took up the job for a month to earn enough to pay for laminate flooring in her house.

“My mum did it in a wig because she didn’t want anyone to recognise her,” said Amy.

“I’ve seen everything over the years. Some guys like me to tell them to sellotape their bits to their bellys, then there’s the leg shaves – they just like to watch me shave my legs.

“One of the ones I get a lot is they want me to slag off their wives.

“Some of them will send me a photo of their wives and they always want me to slag her off and say I’m much better.

“My family know what I do.  They’re fine with it.  My mum wore a wig when she did it because she didn’t want someone she knew spotting her, but she earned #600 doing it two nights a week.”

Amy and Lee travelled the world for a year with the web cam model doing her work from Portugal, Egypt, Turkey and Spain.

When they returned last year burly Lee gave the web cam work a go, but gave up after three weeks.

“I don’t like to judge,” he said.

“I saw what she was doing, and I gave it a go, but it just wasn’t working.

“I’m quite a generally normal person, and to be honest with you, it’s not my forte.

“Amy does it so well, but I’m just more reserved.

“We’ve got a great relationship and we talk about everything.

“Like all guys I have my insecurities, but I totally trust her and that takes those away.”


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