Woman, 23, depressed over small boobs raises £4,500 from online strangers for enlargement op


A woman who plunged into depression because she couldn’t afford a boob job has had her wish come true – after online STRANGERS funded the op.

Gemini Smith, 23, had been unhappy since her early teens when she developed size 34A breasts which she said made her look like a “12-year-old boy”.

She struggled to save for a boob job and only managed to find a fraction of the £4,450 needed to make herself look and feel better.

Gemini with her new 34DD boobs which were funded by online strangers
Gemini with her new 34DD boobs which were funded by online strangers

Gemini, an undertaker, fell into depression but her hopes were boosted when she discovered MyFreeImplants.com, an American website where strangers donate towards cosmetic surgery.

The site has grown in popularity and Gemini is thought to be one of thousands of British women now signing up to attract would-be benefactors.

Gemini managed to raise her target in just three months, overtaking most women who have been members of the site for three to four years.

She has now undergone the surgery which has seen her grow to a 34DD.

And the op has boosted her confidence so much she has since got engaged to a man she was previously chatting to on Facebook.

She said: “When I was 16 I just didn’t develop at all, whereas all the other girls in my class in PE were all developed and had a decent sized chest I just looked like a 12-year-old boy.


Gemini before the op with A cup breasts
Gemini before the op with A cup breasts



With her new busty figure
With her new busty figure


The Invest in Breasts website which allows women to garner donations for boob ops
The Invest in Breasts website which allows women to garner donations for boob ops

“It was having an effect on my social life and knocked my confidence, I was always bullied in school and this just knocked me even more.

“I was depressed really and it was awful, I used to wear big jumpers to cover everything up, I hated them.

“I always said I wanted a boob job but when I got a job I couldn’t save up the kind of money needed in the time scale I wanted because I was so desperate.

“The website MyFreeImplants.com looked really genuine with the possibility to do what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it.

“When I raised the amount I was absolutely over the moon.”

On the website women create a profile with photos detailing why they want a breast augmentation and why they can not afford it.

Men, called ‘benefactors’ then buy ‘chat credits’ which allow them to talk to girls through private messages or face-to-face via webcams.

They also have the option to make larger donations to women of their choice.

Gemini, from Cramlington, Northumbria, joined the site in July 2013, spoke to dozens of men and women a week and received a dollar for every message sent to her.

She added: “It’s more like a social network site because on the nature of what you are wanting done people expect you, or want you, to show something or do something.

“Personally I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to for money, I just said if you are going to help me and talk to me then it is because you like me for me, not for what I can do.

“I made quite a few genuine friends on there who I can talk to about anything and everything.”

After reaching her total the money was transferred straight to a surgeon of Gemini’s choice and she underwent the boob job in Manchester on November 14.

She said: “If I could do it again I would, it was a great place to meet people and it has just made me so much happier.

“I just wanted to look like I was born with them all developed really, I wasn’t looking for over the top, and the surgeon was so nice.

“I can finally wear low cut tops and feel good about myself, although I still find myself covering up out of habit.

“The surgery was just for me, it wasn’t for anyone else, it was just to raise my confidence, and it has done that so much more than I could have hoped.

“If anyone asked me if they should do it I would tell them to straight away, it is the best decision I ever made.”

Mum-of-two Angelina Barton is another British woman on MyFreeImplants.com who  spends four to eight hours a day chatting to men to raise money for her own breast surgery.

Angelina, from Kingsway, Glos., has been using the site for four years in a bid to raise $6,980 to enlarge her breasts from a AA to DD cup.


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