Kirsty Baxter from Worcester. An aspiring actress who was bullied as a teenager because she had short, hair told yesterday (Wed) how she turned her life around by entering a BEAUTY PAGEANT. See NTI story NTIBEAUTY. Pretty Kirsty Baxter suffered severe bouts of depression and attempted suicide at the age of just 14 after she was branded a LESBIAN. The 23-year-old was targeted by mean school bullies where she grew up in Leicester who teased her because of her edgy looks and interest in rock music. Kirsty started self-harming as a teenager and was caught minutes after taking an overdose when she was 14-years-old. She continued to struggle with self-esteem issues after moving to a different school and even saw therapists. But the aspiring actress and model has now overcome her confidence issues after finding success in a beauty pageant.

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