Winners have these things in common…


Have you ever wondered what winners have in common?

Winning comes in many different forms. It could be achieving your personal goals in any aspect of life. Being happy, finding love, getting that job you’ve always dreamed about, beating an illness, or just having a lucky night at the casino.

Others might tell you that winning is about getting to the top of your industry or profession, beating your competitors or peers, and bringing home the silverware (or more appropriately goldware).

Sports betting company, Betway, have undertaken a study looking into the personal profiles of 236 of the world’s most successful actors, sports stars, and musicians to find out the secret to their success.

The team at BetWay were so keen to discover the winning formula, they studied 236 major competition winners from the 21st century. The competitions ranged from the Oscars to the Olympics. The study aimed to determine what these individuals have in common.

Check out the infographic below to see how you compare to the world’s biggest winners across a multitude of factors like age, star sign, birth year, marital status, and education.

The results show that there’s a big difference in the age of success between the acting industry and sports. So, if you’re in your late thirties, it might be time for acting school rather than holding out for the professional football contract.


Obviously, it may be true that none of these factors make an ounce of difference to your chances of success. But, one thing is conclusive from this study… winners aren’t born on a Monday.


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