Wildchild Miley Cyrus gets cocktail named after her


Miley Cyrus has shed her fluffy image recently thanks to her risqué stage outfits and infamous experimentation with ‘legal high’ salvia. And now her wildchild makeover is almost complete with the arrival of a new alcoholic drink named in her honour.

Wildchild Miley Cyrus gets cocktail alcohol drink named after her

According to celebrity blogger Zack Taylor, bars and nightclubs in Montreal, Canada, have begun serving a new drink known as the ‘Miley Ray’.

A conjunction of Miley and her father Billy Ray Cyrus’s names, the cocktail consists of two shots of Malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, ice, and a splash of Blue Curaco and lime juice.

Miley, 18, would have no problem downing her own cocktail in Canada, where she is of legal drinking age. However, the Disney star still can’t drink alcohol in her native USA until she turns 21.

Source: Chin Chin


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