Wife’s grave concern for diabetic husband stranded in Libya


The wife of a diabetic man stranded in Libya today slammed the Government’s response to the crisis and claimed they had let him down and endangered his life.

Wife's grave concern for diabetic husband stranded in Libya

Health and safety manager Mike Browne is holed up in a building compound guarded by a local tribe with minimal food, water and medication for his condition.

Mike, 54, who is with four other Britons and 40 Italians, is surrounded by crazed gunmen looters and opportunists in the port town of Misratah, 150 miles from the capital Tripoli

He was just one day into his job as head of H&S on a construction site when the trouble flared up.

Mike is now desperate to get out of Misratah but has no way of travelling to Tripoli.

There are reports the SAS have been drafted into to help Brits but the elite force are in the capital – and nowhere near Mike.

His wife Clare, who he only married in November, is now gravely concerned for her husband’s wellbeing

Speaking from Somerset, Clare said: ”I’m really worried about Mike’s health as he is diabetic and has limited medication.

”It’s not just the medication that keeps his condition under control. He needs to eat and drink regularly and avoid stress.”

There are reports of the area becoming increasingly more dangerous with gunfire regularly heard outside the compound.

The stranded workers are relying on the good nature of some Libyans.

Clare said: ”Mike says the local people have been fantastic, putting their own lives at risk to ensure the safety of everyone on the site.

”But it seems the British Government does not understand the situation and environment that these people are in.

”They are stranded in the desert. Communication is limited and has deteriorated dramatically over last 48 hours.

Wife's grave concern for diabetic husband stranded in Libya

”The Government seems to have abdicated responsibility – there are reports that the British Embassy is closed.

”They relied on commercial flights and now on other countries to rescue British citizens. My family feels let down by the very people we should be able to rely upon.”

Clare spoke to Mike on Thursday night and says they have heard nothing from the embassy with the British nationals relying solely on the Italian Foreign Office.

There are hopes an Italian ship may pick up Mike and his colleagues but this is subject to whether they can dock at the port.

An Italian plane had previously tried to rescue the workers but couldn’t land as there was no concrete on the runway.

There are reports the SAS have been drafted into rescue Brits with the elite force landing in Tripoli on Thursday afternoon evening – but that’s still 150 miles from where Mike is based.

Clare was waiting for her Libyan visa when the trouble started a week ago. The couple were moving to the north African country to start a new life.

They had recently sold all their furniture and let their Taunton property out while Mike sold his successful health and safety business.


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