Widow condemns “vulgar” bin Laden celebrations


The widow of a serviceman killed in Afghanistan today condemned the ”vulgar” celebrations following Osama bin Laden’s death.

Widow condemns vulgar bin Laden celebrations

Heartbroken Kirianne Curley’s Royal Marine husband Stephen, 26, died in an explosion while on foot patrol in Sangin in May last year.

But Kirianne, 28, of Exeter, Devon, refuses to celebrate the death of the world’s most wanted man and fears the killing could spark deadly reprisals for armed forces personnel.

She said: ”I understand it made more sense for him to be killed than captured, but I believe it’s the start of some serious repercussions, and once again our Armed Forces will take the hit.

”While bin Laden being killed is closure for many, I’ve still got an empty seat at the table at meal times and it doesn’t bring any closure for myself.

Widow condemns vulgar bin Laden celebrations

”People publicly rejoicing in his death is quite vulgar – an eye for an eye makes everybody blind.”

Stephen, who was a corporal with 40 Commando, was the 287th member of the armed forces to die in Afghanistan when he was killed on May 26 last year.

The brave Marine was killed in an explosion while on a foot patrol through the southern Green Zone where he was reassuring local nationals.

Widow condemns vulgar bin Laden celebrations

The tragedy has forced Kirianne to bring up their 17-week-old son, William, without a father.

Mrs Curley, who is a patron of the Go Commando charity, added: ”It’s harder every day.

”This time last year, I had a husband and son and was looking forward to him coming home. We had plans for the future.

Widow condemns vulgar bin Laden celebrations

”Now, after I put William to bed, I sit alone surrounded by photos of my husband, who I’ll never see again – Stephen dies for me every day.

”But I haven’t let myself be consumed by hatred and bitterness for the Taliban or the person who killed him – if I did, then they’d take my life and my son’s as well.

”It’s terribly, terribly sad without Stephen – I can’t put into words how much it hurts.”


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