Why Your Homeowners Association Should Be Hiring A Community Association Manager (CAM)


Private or public organized communities are sprouting up all over the country. With the limited real estate space in many urban areas and the rise of retirement and active lifestyle villages, the small community lifestyle is on the rise. People are looking more than ever for a simplified lifestyle.

Many seniors are looking to live a much less complicated lifestyle where there is little to worry about. Most communities have organized a Homeowner’s Association where volunteers and board members work together to manage the community and provide structure and regulations. In the most efficiently run communities, the HOA is governed by a Community Association Manager (CAM).

To become a CAM, you need to be over the age of 18, a community resident and a high school graduate. Any experience in business or real estate is a bonus. You can start your certification with the CAM Course Online. Having an HOA that is accountable to a CAM is one of the best ways to ensure there is accountability within your board. Take a look at some of the best advantages of having your HOA work with a Community Association Manager.


Each CAM candidate must go through a minimum of 18 hours of in-class training to qualify for licensing. When you are dealing with so many various issues that come up in a neighborhood, you want your team to be led by someone with the proper level of training. Efficient management should be a full time job and not solely in the hands of HOA volunteers.

Finances & Legal Aspects

Running an organized community takes more business knowledge than you may think. There are many financial aspects, management projects, local and state laws and regulations that all require attention. By hiring a licensed CAM, you are ensuring that your community will have a solid system being worked on by a professional in the field.

Build Community & Collaboration

Part of the responsibility of a CAM is to keep an open and transparent relationship with all of the residents in the community. Producing a newsletter, scheduling volunteer meetings and working with residents on selected projects are all part of what a CAM can do for your community. They can handle the monthly schedule and keep residents up to date on everything that’s happening.

Trusted Relationships

Most things run more smoothly when there is a leader at the helm. Even if you have a successful Homeowners Association, it is still a good idea to consider bringing in a CAM as your leader. With so many objectives and loyalties within many HOAs, having a central unbiased figure that will act on behalf of all residents equally is vital.

It can be easier to develop better relationships with your vendors when they are dealing with a central figure. Trust and loyalty can be built between the CAM and the vendors as they continually work together on projects. There are fewer issues with misunderstandings when one figure takes over project management for the community.


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