Why some celebrities should play casino at home

Ben Affleck is a fan of black jack and poker
Ben Affleck is a fan of black jack and poker

Online casino gambling is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular past-times, thanks to the fact that you can now play all those casino classic games anytime, anywhere.

You can even play on your mobile now, so there’s no need to wait until you get home before you start betting on red or black, or deciding whether to hit or stand in a hand of blackjack.

For some celebs who have been caught behaving badly at the land-based casinos in cities like Las Vegas, it must be very useful to be able to play their favourite games in the privacy of their own homes – or in their dressing rooms or limousines, for that matter.

One celeb who’s always had a reputation for his love of casino card games like poker and blackjack is actor and director Ben Affleck. Up until recently, the only news about Ben’s love of casino games was how good he was at playing, and how he often placed huge bets and walked away from the tables with amazing profits.

But earlier this year, he made the headlines for the wrong reason – he was caught card counting at the Hard Rock casino while playing blackjack. In fact Affleck had been warned to stop by the dealer, but when he carried on counting cards, he was eventually escorted away from the table by the casino security staff and has been banned from playing blackjack there again.

Another celeb who’s faced embarrassment while in Vegas is Prince Harry. The prince, who is currently fourth in line to the British throne, was pictured by paparazzi cavorting naked with a room full of girls while playing strip billiards in August 2012, while taking a weekend break in Sin City before he was due to fly out to Afghanistan for a tour of duty.

There are plenty of other celebs who have been caught on camera in Vegas doing things they probably shouldn’t but, to be honest, they’re probably quite happy with the extra exposure it gets them. Take Justin Bieber, for instance. He was last spotted in Vegas spending time getting pampered with Floyd Mayweather before Mayweather’s fight versus Marco Maidana at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in May.

Later the same weekend, Bieber was pictured partying on a balcony without his shirt on, but the underage superstar was careful not to be seen drinking alcohol.

But for any famous faces who don’t like to be caught losing lots of money on the gaming tables, they can take comfort in the fact that it’s always possible to do their playing online at any number of casino sites. For anyone who’s not got the time to search and decide which is the best site to play at, there are casino review sites like Gambling Land to make the job easier.

You can find out which sites offer the best welcome bonuses, which ones have the widest choice of games and how they rank against other sites within moments.

Most celebs probably have a PA to sort this level of detail out for them, and download the appropriate apps onto their phones. For us mere mortals who enjoy a few casino games now and then, though, casino review sites such as Casino Shorts and Gambling Land make choosing where to play much simpler.


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