Why Retro ‘80s Nostalgia Rules


What is it about nostalgia that is so compelling? We experience a wave of nostalgia every time we look at an old photo or watch an old videotape. Those memories transport us to a different time and often to a different us.

These days it’s easy to bring your nostalgic ‘80s videos into our contemporary digital world by taking advantage of the VHS to DVD transfer technology. These services free you from the tyranny of trying to track down a fast-disappearing VHS player. By burning your tapes onto a DVD, you can watch your ‘80s content anytime. Moreover, the VHS to Digital option allows you to upload your digitized ‘80s videos onto the cloud, effectively placing them on tap forever!

Ignite Your Passion For ‘80s Retro Nostalgia

Sometimes all it takes to rekindle a memory is one tiny small detail. Then a flood of nostalgia comes rushing in. Not all videos have the same effect, but the ones that are the most powerful provide ample reward for taking the time to transfer your old VHS and audiotapes to digital media.

For those of us of the right generation, the ‘80s are a perennially recurring part of retro culture.

The Real ‘80s Versus The Faux ‘80s

Of course, the “‘’80s” of our TV and video memories isn’t always the true 1980s. The zeitgeist nostalgia iteration of this decade we so enjoy is often different from our memories of what we really experienced. Even so, it’s wonderful to be able to filter those memories through our contemporary interpretation of our ‘real’ ‘80s.

So, why does ‘80s nostalgia refuse to face away? Perhaps, because it is an undying part of who we are, of what we experienced and how it shaped our view of the world today.

Rescuing Your Personal ‘80s Retro Vibe

Remember those old VHS videotapes languishing in your garage, long-neglected. Did you chuck out your VHS player when you upgraded to DVD?

If you still have home videos made in the 1980s and 1990s, panic not! The VHS format may be obsolete and some of those old tapes are now almost unplayable thanks to the disappearing act working VCRs have pulled on our home entertainment centres.

VHS cassette tapes aren’t just obsolete, they are getting fragile and worn out and can easily break. After all, you’d be feeling your age if you’d been relegated to the garage for 20 years.

Some of those tapes relegated to storage are already fast deteriorating as the magnetic tape inside the cartridges begins to corrode and break down.

Convert your family video library to delightful digital before it’s lost forever.

While VHS cassettes have a finite lifespan, digital formats and DVDs don’t suffer from the same problems. Digital storage is a breeze is getting cheaper all the time. On the cloud it’s so easy to store, customize, and preserve your home videotapes for years to come, so the whole family can now enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Once you videotape is converted to a digital format, they can be played on a host of common formats, including DVD or Blu-ray players, laptop, iPads and tablets, Apple TV and via digital projectors.

Five Compelling Reasons To Transfer Your VHS Tapes To Digital Or DVD:

  1. The cloud and DVDs take up way less space than VHS tapes
  2. Videotapes deteriorate inexorably over the years and with every viewing
  3. VCRs are becoming impossible to find DVDs can be played on any DVD player or laptop
  4. You can conserve your old family videotapes in digital formats to share with future generations
  5. Digital’s random access function allows you to easily skip to key sections of your memories. Say so long to endless rewinding or fast forwarding.

Final Observation

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to rescue your nostalgic ‘80s videos and audiotapes and transport them into your family’s digital playlist by taking advantage of the VHS to DVD and VHS to Digital transfer technology. These professional services will free you from the disappointment of losing so many of your favourite moments for the lack of a VHS player and disintegrating tapes. So, convert your tapes onto digital and enjoy your ‘80s content anywhere, anytime.


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