Why PRAMA is the next hot fitness trend


Imagine being in your own arcade game. PRAMA is the revolutionary new concept in fitness, and is well worth the investment for any gym hoping to keep ahead of the curve in modern fitness. Not only does it bring a huge amount of fun to traditional circuit training, the intelligent interactive training programmes can adapt to various fitness levels making it suitable for the entire family to work out together.

It is already well known that specialist gym flooring of the highest quality is vital for any gym participant to get the maximum results out of their work out. Whether is is the strong, durable flooring with high impact absorption for the heavy duty weight area, or the high endurance flooring needed for aerobic areas that allow freedom of movement but high usage, choosing the right floor should be top of the list for consideration when designing a gym.

But what about when the floor is the gym equipment. Let me introduce you to PRAMA by Pavigym.

What is PRAMA?

The PRAMA system is an interactive fitness platform is the first of its kind to really incorporate modern technology. It creates a brand new kind of training experience for gym enthusiasts that focuses on bringing a huge element of fun as well as setting a challenge for the participant.

By using smart software to integrate interactive flooring and walls with LED lighting and sensors it acts as a complete training solution. It has been compared to working out in a huge arcade game. The specially designed floor allows participants to interact with the flooring itself, with lighting being used to prompt the next move. Remember the dance mat craze? Well take that experience and multiple it by one hundred.

The software offers various training modes and hundreds of different exercises to cater for free training, group training, partner workouts and challenges and tests. So participants will be able to find something that suits them and will certainly not get bored. Even the lighting and music is integrated to make it very immersive.

Any age, any level PRAMA gets the whole family working out together

One of the key concepts of PRAMA is that families want to get together and have fun getting fit. Traditional exercise is not always suitable for older or younger family members, but with PRAMA the high tech nature of the platform means that workouts can be adapted to suit any level or age so that no-one is left out or behind.

It also makes it fun, like a huge game or disco. It makes the most of modern technology innovation and makes it something truly immersive and interactive.

It will also open up most gyms to an entirely new customer base, allowing expansion of the core typical members.

Push yourself further for peak fitness

Although suitable for all family members, do not think that means you won’t be pushed to reach your goals. PRAMA is still a high-intensity work out, with many of the HIIT features that gym goers know and love. PRAMA has a foundation in circuit-based training, and will help hone balance, agility and reaction time while also working hard on muscle memory, endurance, strength and speed.

It is definitely high energy, and highly efficient. It can burn up to 1,000 calories in just one 45 minute session and will provide complete strength and cardio conditioning. The difference is, by feeling like you are in a game, you won’t feel the burn till afterwards.

Technology will take the gym experience to the next level

This is the sign of things to come. Technology has already revolutionised fitness, from new machines to the huge variety of monitoring wristbands and gadgets to track activity and fitness.

The intelligent PRAMA software goes further. The workouts can be controlled by a trained professional through the interactive UI, but the software is even smarter than that, adjusting to various fitness and activity levels. The technology encourages and records actual interactions in real time and uses it to encourage behavioural changes. All the data is stored in the cloud allowing the participants to access it and see how they improve over time.  

It is a completely new gym experience, offering the right balance between fun and a challenge. It can genuinely make workouts more enjoyable while still getting results.


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