Why literacy skills are vital in a child’s development

Literacy is important in a child's development
Literacy is important in a child's development

As your child grows, they tend to learn more things. Aside from their motor and social skills, one of the things that starts at home is literacy. Literacy is important in life, as it is one skill that your child will be using in their daily lives. According to research, children who have good literacy skills are more likely to land better jobs and higher wages. In addition, they also have higher self esteem.

Importance in child development

When teaching literacy skills, children are not only exposed to learning how to read and write. They are also taught other important skills that they must develop early on in life. The first thing that most parents do is expose their children to books and short stories. This does not only allow them to learn how to pronounce words and read, it also increases their understanding about certain topics.

Literacy is important in a child's development
Literacy is important in a child’s development

When shown a book with pictures, children are not immediately attracted to the words. Instead, they identify the colors, shapes, and objects that are in the book. This allows children to know how to identify, recognize, and observe. These are three important aspects of learning that must be taught early on. Some children learn to read as early as two years old, while others learn later.

Literacy and listening

Learning to read also allows children to learn how to listen. When a child is in his early years, there is not much talking going on. However, the child listens to the people around him. Adults tend to talk to babies, and babies listen. After a while, babies and toddlers tend to repeat words that are said to them. This builds their vocabulary and allows them to recognize the voices of the people around him.

Literacy and school

As your child goes to school, the literacy that he learned at home will be more handy. The school is a place of learning, and being literate is one of the most important skills to have. In school, children depend on books and their teachers in order to understand lessons. If your child is ready before going to school, he will have an easier time learning new things. Being literate is useful until your child goes to college and off into the real world.

There is no doubt that reading and writing are important aspects of our lives. Children who are exposed to reading and writing early on in their lives are more likely to have an easier time doing things when they get older. This is the reason why literacy skills should be taught at an early age.

If you want your child to have an easier time in school and have a bright future, it is important to start them early. You can enroll them in classes or get them reading tutors who will be able to teach them how to read and understand easily. Your child’s future depends on this vital skill and it is better to start while your child is still in his development stage.


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