Why Betting on E-Sports Is the Future of the Betting Markets?


While eSports have been around for over 10 years now, the gambling community wasn’t paying much attention to it. People were used to betting on real sports. However, the UK has recently expended the betting markets and many bookmakers started to accept eSport betting for real money.

The industry has grown over the years bringing more media attention, bigger prizes, and numerous fans who joined the e-sport leagues and tournaments. Nowadays, many gamblers went crazy watching video games and betting on them. Let’s find out why you should try betting on eSports, too.

Nevertheless, first things first. Let’s define what eSports are. In general, this is an industry of competitive video games played by teams of players. The teams can be from all over the world. They compete bringing hectic and intense action to the game. 

Besides, there are many genres and games used. The most popular options in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are League of Legends and DOTA. In case you are more excited about FPS (First Person Shooter) action, you can watch and bet on CS:GO and Overwatch . Another popular option in the latter is Rainbow Six Siege. This one has huge prize pools and the biggest events. 

Now, let’s discover the main reasons why you should bet on eSports. Undoubtedly, it’s the future of gambling. One of the innovations made to deliver highly intuitive experience is that bettors have to accept or decline micro-bets in a few seconds or minutes. As a result, it’s more active than most regular sports matches. 

The biggest reason to try it is the really global meaning of tournaments and events. Gamblers can always find something interesting to watch and bet on any time of the day since the teams play in various time zones. 

Finally, if you like watching video games, you’ll love adding the thrill of betting on it. You can make extra money watching your favorite games and use your knowledge and experience to place more precise bets. Many bookmakers already accept bets on eSports so you’ll easily find the best site.