Why Are Commercial Cleaning Companies So Important For Your Business?

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Not many people like cleaning. Whilst that statement might seem pretty obvious, it is a core fact that when it comes to cleaning, most people can always think of better things to be doing, in fact, anything can seem better than spending hours on your knees cleaning toilets, under cupboards and everything else.

Whilst this attitude might be ok at home (for some!), when it comes to a business or a place of work, then cleaning is a vital element of any successful business, whether that’s a local pub through to a multi-million-pound leisure centre, as generally, customers do not like hanging around in, eating in or being in places that are dirty, smelly, messy and potentially massively unhygienic. Therefore, whilst no one wants to clean, when it comes to businesses up and down the country, the need to clean is simply imperative.

We spoke to leading commercial cleaning company Vapor Clean, about how most businesses can benefit from services like theirs and where they are most generally used.

Offices And Similar Work Places

Happy colleagues do a better job, which means if you expect your staff to put up with dirty carpets, messy kitchens, overflowing bins and a smell that will simply not go away, then they are not really going to be bouncing into work ready for a great day. A clean, tidy and nice environment brings better results, and this has been proven many times, which is why contract commercial cleaning companies can keep your office looking great every single day.

Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs

Customers expect a hygienic and clean kitchen, and so do the local health and safety authorities, which is why most commercial cleaning companies offer kitchen cleaning, kitchen deep cleans and extractor fan cleaning, to make sure that the food you serve, the drink you sell and the environment in which people enjoy it is hygienic, safe and clean. Customers expect this is as a core basic, as if your pub or restaurant looks grimy and dirty, then your customers are not going to stick around.


We have all been in shops that look bad, smell bad and just look unloved and uncared for, and whilst we may be desperate and just buy what we need, the chances of us going back are unlikely. A commercial cleaning company will come in, clean the floors, shelves, freezers and pretty much anything that needs cleaning, allowing your customers to really enjoy their shopping experience, which quite often leads to them spending more money and of course, returning many times in the future.

Leisure Facilities

If you are going swimming and the changing room has more dirt than pegs, or if you are just finishing a game of badminton and the showers are dirtier than your car after a week on the motorway, then the chances of you hitting that gym or leisure centre again are unlikely. And of course, this also poses a health risk, which is why a commercial cleaning company will make it all clean, sparkling and shiny and keep it that way, keeping your members and the general public happy people!

Factories And Industrial

Even though people think factories are supposed to be a bit dirty, and indeed after a 12 hour shift they may well be, if you do not get the cleaners in then this can pose health and safety risks, which not only can put your staff at risk, but can lead to some serious fines and prosecutions. A commercial contract cleaning company will come in when you need them, clean up, tidy up and wash everything down, ready for the next shift to come along and actually enjoy their working environment.


  1. I like the part about a clean tidy work environment gets results out of employees and keeps them wanting to come to work. A commercial cleaner will usually do a better job than in house cleaners also. -Sam dbsbuildingsolutions.com


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