whey’d Protein Sachets Launch On Kickstarter To Shake Up The Supplement Industry



whey’d.com is a brand new, protein-filled business venture, currently taking Kickstarter by storm. Their product is whey protein sachets, created with a handy design that can be easily decanted into a sports bottle or shaker and transported on the go.

What do whey’d offer that people can’t get elsewhere? For a start, an easy-to-use sachet (no more decanting from huge tubs) so the protein powder can be simply decantered into a shaker. Then there’s the quality (the protein is sourced from hormone-free, Irish, grass-fed cows no less). And then there’s the ethics behind the whole operation – whey’d are looking to work with charities to provide a school meal to a child in poverty for every sachet sold.

All in all, a great cause started by keen Londoner, Adam French. Adam, 29, has been setting the company up for over a year while he researched the best types of protein and designed the sachet from scratch.

WHEYD2“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind,” he admits. “From the initial idea, to actually having a final concept, it’s been over 12 months in the making! We’ve got all of our ducks in a row with the sachets now built and designed and we have found the highest quality of whey protein available, the next step is to reach our funding goal so we can get it out to the market.

We’ve not created this brand just to turn a profit, we want to offer people a solution to problems such as difficulties transporting protein on the go, substandard products and an over-complicated market that offers to many products. whey’d is therefore simple, the highest quality and perfectly portable.

Whey protein is no longer purely aimed at bodybuilders it’s becoming an everyday product that is used by anyone from busy professionals to mums at home!

So far we’ve been able to provide around 250 people in the fitness industry sachets to try, but our goal is to make the sachets available to everyone who wants one.”

Whey’d have been getting fantastic feedback on social media for the sachet samples they’ve managed to get out so far. From PTs to sports journalists to gyms, the feedback has been unanimous. ‘I LOVE the choccie shake, literally loving it!’ one user writes. ‘They taste literally amazing.’ Another social media sampler writes, ‘They’re ace. I carried a 1kg bag of protein around last week. These are so much better.’ From fitness brand, Shore Fitness UK, is the acclaim ‘The team and I loved the whey!’ And another in the industry: ‘Really good job on the flavour of whey’d. I work in the sports nutrition industry developing products and chocolate is a flavour that even the big players struggle with. You’ve got it spot on.’
‘Can I just say that your whey is by far the closest to tasting like real chocolate out of all of the chocolate whey’s I’ve ever tasted,” Amy, a PT from London, writes.

It’s the ease of carrying the sachets and the flavour of the product that’s getting everyone in the gym industry excited for this new innovation. While previously the gym bunnies of the world had to heave huge pots around to get their pre- and post-gym protein boost, whey’d sachets are set to make their lives much easier.

You can find the whey’d Kickstarter page here: http://bit.ly/wheyduk


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