When Bedroom Meets Tech – Getting Tech Savvy!


We have all been told countless times of how we need to reduce the use of technology before bedtimes, studies advising us that they can be detrimental to our sleep quality. These studies talk of the use of smart phones, tablets and laptops, and the blue light that those screens emit which can cause disruption to sleep. Making it harder to fall asleep and even affecting the quality of sleep that you get. But what if the inclusion of technology in your bedroom made a difference to your quality of life too?

Our bedrooms should be our haven, away from the stresses and strife that each day can bring, and though we want to create a tranquil sanctuary, this doesn’t mean that technology cannot play a part in this if it’s how you choose to unwind and relax at the end of the day or after a trying week.

When creating your dream décor it can be so frustrating to have to contend with trailing wires and wall mounted televisions or having to compromise to be able to make room for an additional piece of furniture to display the technology upon.

How can I have a tech savvy bedroom without it looking messy?

if you want to incorporate your favourite tech into your sleep space then the first thing you should look at is how you can disguise the technology but also have a stylish space to hang out and sleep.

Hide The Tv:

If you want to be able to relax in luxury whilst enjoying a film or latest TV box set then the perfect solution to this dilemma is to invest in a piece of furniture who’s style can suit your choices, but also provide the necessary features we have become accustomed to. Your master bedroom no longer has to look like a mismatch of bedroom and lounge.

Functional TV beds can house a your flat screen television when not in use. There is an impressive range of TV beds available, which are able to house a retractable television, meaning the it only needs to be on show when you have it in use.  

The television beds can unite luxury and practicality seamlessly and create a haven to be proud of.  At the touch of a button you can be relishing in the well deserved luxury of an evening film night, whilst safe in the knowledge that with a range of fabrics, colours and styles to choose from, your new bed can look as elegant and luxurious as you choose.

Your style can remain minimal and clean, or reduce the look of clutter in your bedroom, or you can adorn your room with focus pieces that don’t have to display any trailing wires. With the televisions hidden away when not being watched it makes for a clearer and calmer space.

Tech Considerate Furniture:

Invest in a bedside table that can provide a hidden shelf or even a charging station for your smart phone just by placing it down. You can find the advances in multi use yet stylish pieces are popping up everywhere, it just takes a little research and knowing your budget!

Designers are more aware than ever that although we rely on our technological comforts, which these now need to be able to slot seamlessly into our lives, rather than us compromising on style and space. If you are redesigning your space or are a bedroom blogger then you’ll want as much kit as you can without compromising on space. Make use of functional storage units for your camera kit and desk space that can close up and look seamless in a bedroom. Sleek design is a must for your instagram flat lay as is light and a neutral colour backdrop. All this elements can work together well if the right furniture and colour scheme is implemented at design stage.

Smart Space Sleeping:

With over a quarter of UK citizens using smart technology we know that most users will use that device to help with their lifestyle. Whether it be a smart phone or an assistant type product we can guarantee it comes into the bedroom! Think about switching the screen brightness down on your phone, or placing it up on a shelf out of the way while you sleep.

Not just an alarm clock smart devices can lower the lighting on your main light circuits with special lightbulbs as well as play relaxing music allowing your brain to have that much needed wind down time before you go to sleep. You can even turn up the heating before you get up in the morning too!

You can use apps that read to you before bed or play mindfulness tracks too. It’s essential that you do have a break from the screen and these apps will benefit your health and wellbeing encouraging that music needed break for your brain and your eyes! Smart devices are also great for disconnecting fro your busy day as well as connecting with your family, friends and support networks.

Of course we can’t go without mentioning your social media channels!

As we have mentioned above Instagram plays a huge part of many bloggers daily life. It’s only right that when you design your room you’ll be thinking about the aesthetics and how it will work for your personal life and your professional channels. Neutrals and pops of colour are always great for a backdrop and if your bedroom is your main blogging space you’ll want to think about how it can adapt to keep your feeds fresh. If you’re really keen think about your branding and the colours you use or show off on a regular basis and have one wall or maybe a unit with a pop of that colour. If you’re not sure about taking your blog/bedroom romance that far then neutral is key and invest in some flat lay backdrops that can roll up and be stored instead.


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