(FILE PHOTO ) Santander cash point in the UK . Megan Luscombe, 18, from Yate, who fought off a mugger at a cash machine. July 30 2015. See swns story SWMUG. A disabled teenager fought off a callous cashpoint mugger and snatched her money back – despite being in a wheelchair.Megan Luscombe, 18, had just withdrawn #20 to buy a pizza when thief Milan Bugala, 51, pounced on what he thought was an easy target.As he grabbed the cash Megan screamed and grappled with the crook – managing to snatch back one #10 note and tear the second in half.Passers-by then intervened and held homeless Bugala until police arrived to arrest him.Megan has now bravely spoken out about the incident after her attacker was jailed for 18 weeks.She said: “The man was standing behind me but I didn’t realise. He came forward and I thought he was going to help me by passing the money to me.”When I realised what he was doing I screamed and told him to stop. “We both had our hands on my money. I was scared but I still wouldn’t let go.”I may be small but I have a strong grip. I can’t walk but I’m quite strong with my arms.”I managed to grab back one #10 note and half of another before two men and two women stepped in.”Megan has been wheelchair-bound for life because of the inherited muscle-wasting disease Friedreich Ataxia.The incident happened in late June as she shopped in Cheltenham, Glos., for shoes and a handbag for a ball at the nearby National Star College where she studies.

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