Wheel star: Four-year-old is BMX champion


A four-year-old boy who got his first bike for Christmas is already a BMX champion – beating rivals TWICE his age.

Fearless Callum Chard-Maple was given a starter bike in December but within days had taken the stabilisers off.

He quickly moved on to a Raleigh Bomber BMX and now performs a series of tricks including wheelies and bunny hops.

Callum, of Tiverton, Devon, recently won his local championships – taking on children several years older than him.

His father Darren, 44, a delivery driver, says his son has been tipped for the top.

He said: ”With his first bike Callum had the stabilisers on for two days and he wanted to take them off on the first day.

”Nothing seems to faze him – if he comes off his bike he gets straight back on. I think I’m more nervous watching than he is riding.

”Callum doesn’t mind what the conditions are and never needs any encouragement.

”Because he is so young he doesn’t really understand first second and third and what it means.

”He knows he’s won if no-one else finishes in front of him, but sometimes I have to explain what he has just done.”

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