What’s Next for Claudio Ranieri?


Leicester City owners decided to pull the plug on their relationship with Ranieri nearly two months ago because Leicester looked like they were heading for the relegation zone. To some fans, it was a disrespectful move after he did the impossible by winning the Premier League with them last year, but when you look at the table now, Leicester are sitting comfortably above the drop which would suggest the owners made the correct decision. The 65-year-old may well be getting on but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have anything to offer on a managerial front. Will Ranieri get to manage another Premier League club? Or will he choose to retire and enjoy watching the odd game from the stands? What is next for the Italian great?

Several Clubs Could Tempt Ranieri Back Into Management

There are rumours to suggest Leicester City football players were the main culprits for Claudio’s sacking, but others say it was down to his own backroom staff that put the final knife in his back. Whatever the reasons for his sacking, Claudio still has a lot of knowledge of the Premier League that several clubs would love to have. Even if a Premier League side doesn’t come knocking for his services, there are still many teams in the Championship that would love to have him do with them what he did with Leicester.

Which Clubs Would Be Interested in Claudio?

If you look at the top clubs in the Premier League you would have to say most of them would be happy with their current managers, but if you look at the bottom half of the table you could say any manager could be gone within the next week. Sunderland could be a destination for him next season in the Championship if David Moyes isn’t able to change their fortunes around, and even teams such as West Ham may look towards another manager if Slaven Bilic isn’t able to turn the Hammers into the same threat they were last season.

Could Claudio Opt for a Media Role?

We’ve seen it plenty of times over the years with retired footballers such as Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher who have taken to television to prolong their careers in the football industry, and Claudio could well do the same. While he might not be offered a premium role in the UK with the likes of Sky Sports, he could easily go back to Italy to find himself a job that pays well covering the Serie A.

Would Claudio Take Charge of a Top International Team?

Claudio isn’t getting any younger and while a head coach or managers role may not appeal to him at club level, maybe a role as an international head coach might be on his radar. The role wouldn’t take too much time out of his day when compared with a club level coach, so it could give him spare time to spend with his family.

Or Is Retirement the Only Option?

Claudio still has a lot to offer any top club in the Premier League, but if he doesn’t think he has the motivation to go and do the same with another club like he did with Leicester, then we could see him call time on a memorable managerial career. He didn’t get to finish what he started with Leicester, but that stint in his career will go down in history as one of the most remarkable in football.

Where Will Ranieri End Up?

Where Ranieri will ultimately end up is currently anyone’s guess, and even the bookmakers don’t seem to have any firm idea.  If you’re looking to place a bet on Ranieri’s future, it’s worth having a gander at the Top Free Bets UK 2017 website before choosing a bookmaker. You will see a huge list of the free promotions available and will be able to make an educated decision about which bookmaker to work with before placing a bet on Ranieri.  The only thing we know for sure is that he won’t be returning to Leicester any time soon.


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