What Women Want


Thousands of British women want to date a man earning £50,000, it has been revealed.

A study of 83,000 ladies looking for love shows that despite the recession, women still have high expectations for a potential partner.

The ideal man needs to have an established career which pays well – and female daters won’t accept anything less.

The average single lady is dreaming of dating a career man who drives around in an Audi TT which he owns outright.

Educated to degree standard, this smart-dressing professional will enjoy cultural pursuits such as going to the theatre and cinema.

And as well as being successful and sophisticated, this hot-to-trot bachelor will also wow women with his good looks.

The desirable gent should be tall, dark and handsome – but sport piercing blue ‘go to bed’ eyes.

Walking around at 5’11”, the perfect man will weigh just over 12 stone and have a muscled, toned physique.

He will also be clean living – preferring to spend hours at the gym rather than smoking or dabbling with drugs.

Male daters are also expected to shower their loved ones with romantic gestures, dine out in posh restaurants and know everything there is to know about good wines.

David Brown, Managing Director of UKDating.com, said: ”Although times have changed and people are being more careful with their money these days, women continue to have their standards, and are still determined to seek out single successful men.

”The fact of the matter is that all single females want to live the dream, and a high-achieving partner is another step in the right direction.

”Money has now become more important than ever to our members who cite it as one of the key things they are looking for in a man – as well as good looks of course.”

The study shows that only one in five girls would look at a man who was starting to go grey, and only one in 10 like men with long hair.

Bearded men are a turn-off, and short men are an absolute no-no – with only nine per cent considering a date with someone under five foot three inches tall.

And intellect is important to Britain’s females – 94 per cent wouldn’t look twice at someone without a formal education, and 98 per cent want their bloke to have above average intelligence.

Pet haters get the thumbs down, as do men who don’t have any sort of religion.

And only seven per cent of ladies would date a man who couldn’t drive and didn’t have his own car.

David Brown added: ”It’s great to see that women are being proactive in tracking down their ideal partner, and are being assertive with their needs and expectations.”


1. Earns £50,000 or more
2. Established career
3. Can drive
4. Owns an Audi TT
5. Educated to degree standard
6. Smartly dressed
7. Enjoys occasional trips to the theatre
8. Likes the cinema
9. Good looking
10. 5’11” tall
11. Weighs 12 stone
12. Muscled and toned physique
13. Enjoys sport
14. Doesn’t smoke or do drugs
15. Enjoys dining out in posh restaurants
16. Know about fine wines
17. Never been married
18. No children
19. Likes pets
20. Clean shaven

Research conducted by global market research company www.onepoll.com


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