What could you do in 2015 to be an even better employee?

Become a better employee in 2015 Photo credit: tango.mceffrie / Foter / CC BY-NC

With every New Year comes the chance to become a better version of yourself. Doing what you do best can take you to places, but exerting more effort can lead to better opportunities. This year, it’s better to start the improvements early on so you can ring in the good vibes. You can always do simple things and tackle new responsibilities so that your boss can see the potential in you. Here are five things that you can do this year to become an even better employee.

New Year, New You

Tired of doing the same old thing in the work place? Try to put a spin on how you manage your workload. Welcoming the new year with new ways to manage the work that you do can reinvigorate your energy to do your tasks effectively.

Become a better employee in 2015 Photo credit: tango.mceffrie / Foter / CC BY-NC

Remember that change is inevitable, so learning how to embrace those changes can lead to a happier work environment. Don’t suffer with the old and put a smile on your face by finding ways on how you can make your work more efficient.

Go Cold Turkey

Although social media can sometimes help grow and build businesses, if you’re frequently checking out your friends’ statuses, it could mean less time to be productive in the office. You can download the free app Cold Turkey that actively blocks the websites that occupy your already short attention span. Blocking these sites that you visit can hinder procrastination, giving you more time to work on the things that matter.

Follow through

One important trait that you should have is to always accomplish your tasks no matter what. If your boss tells you to do something, make it a habit this year to do exactly as you’re told and always give an update. Following through with the tasks at hand can even make a good impression which can lead into a big promotion. Whether you’re doing business with an important client or doing a small favor for your co-worker, always follow through and be the good guy in the office.

Explore the unknown

Stepping up and taking responsibility is always an attractive trait to have when you’re an employee. There are loads of opportunities that crop out in the office, whether it’s a special project that needs a manager or simply setting up a surprise party for your officemate, be the one step up to show them what you’ve got. Do more in the office and explore the unknown, you’ll never know what’s out there if you don’t head out.

Continue to Learn

Even though you already have a degree that helped you land that job, you can always attain more by going back to school. Learning should never stop and you can definitely open more doors if you take on higher education. If you want to have a better balance between work and school, you can always check out courses online. There are available lessons for anything and everything that your brain desires, from learning how to crunch numbers better to online project management courses. Today, you don’t have be in school to get educated.

Remember that you should always start the new year fresh. You can always make a name in your office by impressing your co-workers and your boss by doing these simple tips. Striving hard and working hard can lead to better and grander things that you can achieve in the future.


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